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Inclusive Astrology

How to Read the Natal Chart When We Don’t Have the...

Astrology helps us understand our individual needs. For a large part of society, the behavior we express today has more to do...

Inclusive Tarot

What Is Tarot – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

A brief explanation of the archetypal forces and energies that shape our human experience.

Thought of The Day

“Tell me again how hard your life is.”

When we decide to take away the attention on certain realities of the world, we are letting those who have no voice remain invisible to our consciousness. We cannot call ourselves "enlightened" if we erase from our mind what makes us feel powerless. Only when we let the whole reality enter our awareness, we can change it for the better. Don't close your eyes to those who don't have a voice. Become the voice of the other animals and ask for their rights.