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Sustainable Thinking

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Inclusive Astrology

How to Interpret Conjunctions in Astrology

Imagine that each time a planet interpolates with another, their energies bathe each other. Keep in mind that the planets are in...

Inclusive Tarot

4 Things You Did Not Know About The Tarot

The Tarot cards represent the imaginary of collective archetypes that are present in human consciousness. And when we read them for ourselves...

Thought of The Day

Everything That is On Earth is Our Own Kind

When you come across a pigeon, look at him or her and say to them: -We come from the same planet. We look so different and I tend to believe that we are not related at all. But the truth is... we both come from the same planet and that makes us of the same kind. Sorry for not noticing earlier. And then, go vegan. All animals are just like us. Let your heart feel it.