When we look for the definition of the word “ego” we find these two meanings:

  1. Excessive self-esteem: “your ego prevents you from recognizing that you have made a mistake again”
  2. In Freud’s theory of psychoanalysis, partially conscious part of the human personality that controls motility and mediates between the instincts of the id, the ideals of the superego and the reality of the external world.

These meanings – which are those accepted by the collective – are nothing more than the consequences we see in ourselves and in others and what we identify as Ego. It makes us feel that within the human being, there is a part of us that is destined to fight against our own being. But … is this possible? If so, our existence would be a struggle between “good and evil” and a part of us would be our own enemy.

The Ego is formed through our experiences in the first part of our life. The ego is the result of our interaction with the world.

It is built with:

  • our self-expression
  • the response of others towards our self-expression
  • our reaction to the response of others
  • the conclusion of this interaction
  • the modus operandi that we will use from now on to obtain a more satisfactory answer

In short: the ego is an adaptation of our self-expression that we have built to provide us with what we need. As time passes, we forget that our ego is a construction and we identify with it.

When we are children, we do not have enough awareness to understand that we are relating to other egos. Little by little, we forget our natural dispositions and we adapt to our environment to be accepted.

Transcending the Ego is only possible when we re-visit our childhood experiences and add the context, understanding and compassion of an adult mind. Then we will understand that the ego has been a protector of our integrity.

The Ego has been created from the observations of our childhood experiences. The way it manifests depends on the individual experiences of each one. Both arrogance and predisposition to service can be products of the ego. The important thing is to understand that it is a mask that we have learned to use to be able to move in our environment.

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