The “adrenaline” felt by hunters or those who observe dogfights or any other type of violent “entertainment” with animals has its origin in the activation of sexual energy in their bodies.

Energy emanations from a living being

We humans know little about how a body vibrates. We believe that Life is a mental perception, basically in two dimensions, like a photo. But Life, in reality, is a sensory perception in multiple dimensions, with spacial volume, time, relationship with the environment and energetic “conversations” that can not be seen but can be felt. Most of us are not aware of this because we live inside our heads and have disconnected from the body, leaving these “conversations” occurring at an unconscious level. The reason? Our cultural or religious heritage, which has taught us to believe our body is sinful and to feel it is a crime.

So, what happens when we can not feel our body? We stop relating to the environment and we feel it as a hologram. We stop being aware of physical sensations, and in particular, of our sexual energy. We only manage to connect with the body when feeling excitement. And still, most of the experience occurs in our mind.

And this, what has to do with the need of a hunter to kill or the pleasure felt by those who attend dogfights or cockfights? Animals, especially wild animals, are full of sexual energy. When they find themselves in situations where their lives are in danger, they begin to produce certain chemistry in the body that is transmitted through space. It is known that animals can “smell” fear. If we were connected to our body, we could feel it too – after all, we are animals too. When the animal smells fear, he or she knows that they have big chances of success. That produces an instantaneous reaction of security that takes them to advance towards their prey.

Most hunters use weapons that animals can never overcome. This in itself speaks of the psychology of the hunter. It is a situation of power where the animal always loses. In addition, hunters are generally protected in such a way that animals can never approach them as to put the hunter in danger. What they call “hunting trophies” does not contain any feat, except to have spent thousands of dollars to live a “cinematographic” experience, not different from what is experienced in an amusement park, but “more intense”.

The whole situation speaks of a power game in which the winner is already decided before the “game” begins. There is practically no risk. The hunter is not motivated by the instinct of survival, which when activated speaks of “a living sexuality”. In reality, these are people who generally spend all day at their desks, doing mental work, completely disconnected from their bodies and their vital energy. The fact that many of them go out to look for the most powerful animals on the planet speaks of unconscious envy of the freedom and vital power of those they kill. These hunters recreate outside themselves what has happened to them: an impossible force to overcome (possibly the authority of a parental figure) that has destroyed at a blow (possibly emotional) their own vital forces – their sexual energy. In psychology, this is called projection. Sexual energy is the creative force of all living beings and is responsible for our impulses. When we live in situations where our freedom of action is limited – and this is lived by almost all humans and animals that are in captivity, sexual energy is blocked, being one of the major causes of depression.

With respect to those who enjoy dogfights or cockfights, what is projected is the same, but, unlike hunters who relive the death of their own life force, those who enjoy fights between animals, relive the struggle to keep it alive.

The reason why there are hunters or shows of dog fights (and other animals) is because humanity has not yet managed to understand the importance of integrating the animality of the human being. When we manage to incorporate emotional development and liberation from the belief systems that demonize sexuality in our education, human violence will decrease significantly, if not completely. The change is possible. And accepting other animals as our equals is a big step for that.

Understanding Sexual Energy
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