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4 Things You Did Not Know About The Tarot

The Tarot cards represent the imaginary of collective archetypes that are present in human consciousness. And when we read them for ourselves or for others, we can access universal wisdom.
Vegan Future Solution for Environment

Why a Vegan World is The Solution for the Eradication of WorldWide Malnutrition, ...

A recent study made by researchers of the University of Oxford and the Swiss agricultural research institute and published by Science Magazine found that cutting meat and dairy products from...
qhat is ego

What is the Ego?

When we look for the definition of the word "ego" we find these two meanings: Excessive self-esteem: "your ego prevents you from recognizing that you have made a...

How to Read the Natal Chart When We Don’t Have the Time of Birth

Astrology helps us understand our individual needs. For a large part of society, the behavior we express today has more to do with what we learned in the environment where we have...
Understanding Sexual Energy

The Reason Why Hunters Hunt – Understanding Sexual Energy

The "adrenaline" felt by hunters or those who observe dogfights or any other type of violent "entertainment" with animals has its origin in the activation of sexual energy in their bodies.