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Relationships – Inclusive Astrology Synastry


Discover the dynamics of your relationships to understand the alchemy that occurs when activating our planetary configurations in relationships. Couples, parents and children, friends, colleagues, etc.

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With Inclusive Astrology we can discover the dynamics of our relationships to understand our reactions and the reactions of others through planetary configurations.

Inclusive astrology is a tool that allows us to learn to love ourselves. Many times we believe there is something wrong with us. This is because most of us have been taught to be in a certain way depending on what our culture required or the environment in which we were born.

How it works

  • Live session through Zoom. The session is recorded and the link will be sent to you after the session.
  • Before finalizing the purchase, add the date of birth, the time of birth and the place of birth of both individuals in the comments section at the end of the purchase.
  • If there is a specific topic you wish to address (a situation that is difficult for you, for example), include it in the message.
  • Each session lasts around 1:30h.
  • I will contact you to arrange an appointment.
  • The session can be taught in English, Spanish or French.
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