Relationships Endings by Zodiacal Sign


Each sign has its own reasons for ending a relationship. The 12 signs of the Zodiac are in each one of us. They manifest in different spheres of our life. The sign where the sun is located – what we commonly recognize as our sign, speaks to us of what makes us recognize as individuals. In this article we will see why and how each sun sign decides to end a relationship.


Aries needs independence. When Aries decides to end a relationship, it is probably due to lack of space to be himself / herself. The people of Aries are spontaneous and never hide their feelings. They like to live their lives as an adventure. They have the need to conquer the world, their partners, their goals. If Aries feels trapped in the routine, they will rebel. If they feel they are in a subordinate position, they will resent their partner. They do not like power games. They are direct and bold. To be in a relationship with an Aries, you must prepare yourself for bold actions. Aries ends the relationship angry. Slamming the door. Maybe they’ll come back later, as if nothing has happened. In any case, you never know what Aries is going to do. If you want to keep Aries close you must love confrontation – but only if you enjoy them too.


Taurus needs sensation. When Taurus ends a relationship, it is likely due to lack of pleasure in the relationship. Taurus lives in the world of sensations. They enjoy physical pleasures through touch, food, textures … And they want to feel comfortable. They are also very calm. They want to take time for everything. They do not like to change their habits. Entering a relationship is already a change that they have to get used to, and leaving one is the same. They can take a long time before breaking up with you. And when they do, they might be very loving and pleasant but, once decided, there is no turning back. If you want Taurus to stay with you, learn to cook their favorite foods. Oh … and you have to enjoy it as much as they do.


Gemini needs adaptability. When Gemini ends a relationship, it was probably due to lack of variety in the relationship. Gemini loves movement and needs to constantly change its routine in order to express its qualities fully. If the relationship becomes routine, they will feel stuck and will look for variety outside of it without knowing why. They need someone variable to be able to use their ability to adapt. If Gemini decided to break the relationship, they will notify you by text message, or they will tell you in the middle of a conversation beginning with a “… hey, by the way …”. And will ask you to remain friends. If you love a Gemini, study hard, so that your conversation topics are infinite – but only if you enjoy talking.


Cancer needs emotional security. When Cancer ends a relationship, they probably did not feel loved enough. Cancer loves to protect and feel protected. They are so tender inside that they do not even want to break up with you and make you feel bad. They will try to stay in the relationship even when the relationship does not go well. It may be you who have to end the relationship … They will let you know how unhappy they are in so many ways that you will end up being the one who does not feel loved. If you ask them “do you want to end the relationship?” They probably will not know what to answer and, instead, will tell you what they need to feel happy. If you love Cancer, you should make them feel that you can build a home “as their mother would”.


Leo needs self-expression. When Leo decides to end a relationship, they will act dramatically. Leo people appreciate themselves, and if you do not take them into account for their individual qualities … they will know that you do not deserve them. In spite of being the most generous sign of the Zodiac, Leo has a strong character and will not accept being treated as an unimportant piece of your life. Leo will end a relationship in a very dramatic way. You will feel like the final act of a theatre piece. They might do it on the street by throwing your car keys on the sewer, or in a café, throwing a glass of water onto your face and leaving. After that… they will act as you never existed. If you love a Leo, make them the most important individual of your life but only if they really are. 


Virgo needs to be useful. If Virgo decides to end a relationship, it is because they have felt not needed. Virgo people love to help. They like to put in order the lives of others and feel very proud of their efficiency. They love to be of service to others. When Virgo ends a relationship, they will have the suitcases ready (yours or theirs) and they will have already reserved a hotel room. They will have their agenda full of activities in the coming weeks. However, they will call you from time to time to find out if you need anything. Remember … they really just want to help. If you love Virgo, let them organize your life – if that is what you really want for yourself.


Libra needs balance. Libra seeks balance through diplomacy. When a Libra person feels that the relationship does not work, they will not be sure of what to do. Libra people see both sides of the situation and it makes it hard for them to take the decision. They feel in relationship when they can make agreements. if this is not possible, and for a Libra this is unthinkable, then, if it is not you who ends the relationship  (Libra has a hard time to make something definitive), then they will end it politely. Libra does not like big emotional demonstrations and drama. They will communicate it in a civilized way. If you want to stay with Libra, ask them what their preferences are, their opinions, and if you find it reasonable, learn with them how to live by two.


Scorpio needs intimacy. If a Scorpio decides to end a relationship, this happens after a long time of internal conflicts. Or if they’ve discover an infidelity. They need to possess and be possessed. For this to happen, they need to reach deep levels of intimacy, and this requieres time. If they do not achieve the total surrender of their partner, sooner or later they leave. And they will go through a regenerative crisis that will lead them to seek in themselves the cause of the failure. Scorpio breaks the relationship when they feel hurt. They prefer to stay in relationships long enough to make possible the development of intimacy. If you love Scorpio, you must dare to show your vulnerabilities. Scorpio is faithful, and surrender themselves completely to those who have surrender to them. 


Sagittarius needs expansion. When Sagittarius decides to end a relationship, it’s probably because they found the relationship boring. Sagittarius individuals love to explore new frontiers. They do not want to stay in the same place for a long time because they are explorers. If they feel that the relationship does not move to a new direction, they will leave it. Direct and bold, they will break-up without preamble, with frankness. Sagittarius want someone to explore the world. And they need you to have courage to do it. If travelling makes you happy, you are likely to keep them around.


Capricorn needs responsibility. Capricorn individuals are oriented towards their goals and relationships should support them. They will want to end a relationship when they lose their sense of responsibility. It does not mean that they are cold. Capricorns see their whole life in this way. They are very ambitious. If you prefer to go on vacation and stay all day on the beach, Capricorn will prefer to continue working. If you ask them to take care of you and your every day life, they will end up leaving the relationship. If you love Capricorn, you have to know that you must also love their entrepreneurial spirit, their long hours of work and many social commitments.


Aquarius needs freedom. When an Aquarius decides to end a relationship, it is probably because they felt trapped within roles that do not belong to them. Aquarian people do not like restrictions. They are free spirits and expect the same from you. They repel relationships that are based on traditional roles. They want more egalitarian relationships, similar to those between friends. If they want to break the relationship, it is because they have not been able to be themselves. It is not that they want something unconventional, but that they want an individual to individual bond. To love an Aquarian it is necessary to lose all social prejudices. Only those who are willing to do so can keep them in their lives.


Pisces needs devotion. If Pisces breaks up with you, it’s because you probably have not understood them. Pisces people are sensitive and perceptive. They may not want to end the relationship just because they feel compassion for towards you. They could even stay with you because of a sense of guilt! They can not stand the suffering of others, and breaking up with you is painful for them. Therefore, instead of facing the situation, they disappear. They evaporate! If you Love Pisces, you must also love their sensitivity. They constantly choose self-sacrifice, because they feel EVERYTHING. They know their own selfishness and work hard to free themselves from it.



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