Leave the Human Bubble with this simple exercise


Take a couple of minutes for the following: close your eyes and imagine your life … everything that is part of your daily life. Stay there for a few minutes, and once you have it clear, open your eyes and continue reading.

Most of us will imagine our work, our loved ones, our history, past situations, … If you look at what you have visualized, you will realize that everything you have imagined is basically … human.

When we say “the world” we usually refer to people. We rarely include mountains and rivers, animals and plants. Or the air. Or the force of gravity. Our perception is based mainly on what we think and not on what we experience or feel. We are limited by having incomplete perceptions. Intelligence is having the ability to observe situations and solve problems. If our field of vision is limited, our resolution capacity will be limited as well.

This simple exercise helps to expand our perception of the world and be totally incarnated in the here and now.

It is basically the same as what you’ve done when you started reading this article but, this time, include the following:

  • add the war in Syria
  • include your favorite music
  • your favorite food
  • if your food contain animal products, think of how they were slaughtered
  • add your first boyfriend or girlfriend and know that they exist somewhere in another geographical space at this very same time (if applicable)
  • and do the same with other people from your past or present
  • include all your relatives
  • and so on

Many of the things I have listed will feel uncomfortable. Humans tend to avoid thinking on what feels uncomfortable. This is one of our major problems, because we believe that if we don’t see it, it does not exist. Most of the situations we don’t want to think about have passed in the distant past. If we had the habit of revisiting them as we grow, our perception of those situations would have a more adult consciousness now. We could see that many times we are angry at people that are -situationally speaking- younger than our present self. We can give to our past self our current consciousness and stat the process of self-healing of wounds.

There is a belief that was born in the 90′ with the New Age movement that said that it was extremely important to have “happy feelings” in order to manifest happy experiences. Many people still practice this belief, never realising that the world is in a worse shape that what it was in the ’90s. Pollution, climate change, immigration crises, animal abuse are all real and now we have even more access to information thanks to the internet.  We cannot have “happy feelings” when somewhere else people are dying of hunger.

It is very important that we learn to integrate reality in our consciousness because it is the only way to display our full human essence. We are much more than we think and we have the capacity to create our own reality. The best part is that we can change the world and create a better one for everyone … but for this, we must be aware of reality in its entirety.

A good video game programmer knows that for the game to work well, he has to study every detail of his code so that they do not conflict with each other. If we apply this in every area of our lives, we would regain our sovereignity.

The exercise I gave you requires periodic practice, as feeling wholeheartedly our emotions and master the fluidity of them requires time. The ideal is that you do it once per day, for 5 to 10 minutes each day, before going to sleep, starting with this payer:

I want to love being alive here and now. Please, give me the strength to incarnate fully into my life and become a creator of my destiny.

Once you are ready, start the exercise. When you feel you have completed it, go to sleep. It is possible that you have dreams. Everything that comes in dreams are images of our unconscious parts of the Self that, as they have no voice, appear in dreams because that is where they are free from the limitations of our consciousness. Listen to them, even if they don’t feel comfortable. They are real parts of your full Self that are needing your attention. When we allow entering in our consciousness everything that goes on in the world, we can do it also with our own universe.


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