What is an Empath?

Empaths are individuals who are aware of their emotional bodies and feel the consciousness of other living beings. Since very young, they feel like if they were living a different reality. They feel isolated from the rest in some way or another, and at the same time, they internally enter into relationship with everything that is contained within the environment in which they find themselves. This symbiosis also occurs with food. While it is known that switching to a plant-based diet is healthy for physical health, little has been said about the consequences that a vegan diet brings to emotional health.

As we get animal products out of our diet, many emotions that have accompanied us throughout life cease to manifest. Gradually, we stop feeling helpless, lack of direction, desperate yearning, confusion, chronic sorrow, lack of connection …

We Are What We Eat

Personally, I have been flexitarian since 2005 and vegan since 2014. It was not until I stopped consuming animal products completely that I began to “heal” virtually all of my existential problems. For example, melancholy had been part of my life since I can remember. Until 2015, I thought melancholy was a feature of my personality. One night, while I was doing internal work on my emotions, I felt the root of melancholy take clear form within my consciousness. I experienced the despair of a mother who loses her child. “How is it possible that this emotion is so powerful in me if I had never been in that situation?” – I asked. I allowed everything that came to me flow through my emotional body and suddenly I saw all the dairy products that I had consumed throughout my life. Feelings of impotence, lack of power, confusion, longing, … Everything a cow feels when she is separated from her baby soon after birth, a common practice of the dairy industry.

We are all eating violence in one way or another. Our food system lacks awareness. Lately, there are more and more people who grow their own food (the best food one can have), but this is inaccessible to the vast majority. Beyond the fact that large corporations have created labels such as “organic” or “biological,” the reality is that these foods are mostly produced in a massive, automated way. If we realize the type of energy we consume through food, we would feel that, in many cases, the vegetables we are eating are not “happy.” Generally the ripening process of vegetables begins inside trucks, away from sunlight, the source of life. Can you imagine the emotional content of farm animals?

We Are What We Wear

I remember that in 2011 I heard a talk by Deepak Chopra where he mentioned that, if we reach deep states of meditation, we could feel the consciousness of a table. All the great mystics of history have talked about this. Our clothes also tell us stories. Not only do they contain the suffering of animals that have been used for clothing, but also the energy of humans who have made those clothes. Most big brands hire labor in countries where it is much cheaper. In general, the work environment of these places would be unacceptable in the first world. An empath with an emotional awareness fully awake is able to feel this.

It is very difficult to reach these levels of empathic clarity. We have a self-protection system that turns off our conscience when we don’t like what we see. But little by little, as we learn to walk through the emotional world, we develop the expertise to do so. An empath needs to be aligned with body, heart and mind to be healthy. And since the heart of an empath is connected with everything, it is necessary to listen our inner truth and act on it. This will achieve alignment. Empaths do not like the suffering of others. When we allow our consciousness to expand to everything that exists, we can no longer be indifferent to the treatment given to non-human animals, trees, plants, lands and the Earth.

We Are What We Feel

When an emotion is repeated periodically, we begin to identify it as a personal trait. Same happens with ideas. When we repeat an idea enough, it becomes a “belief”. This is when we stop thinking about it and learn to express it as a new part of our “identity.”

Being melancholic is a belief, a mental state born of an idea (memory) that has been repeated enough to become a “state of being.” Sorrow or grief are the emotions that hide under the state of melancholy. When we allow ourselves to feel instead of thinking of what we feel, life becomes real. We are used to suppress a myriad of emotions because they create a state of discomfort, in ourselves or in others. In addition, many of the emotions we perceive, we don’t understand them as they have not been part of our own experience. As empaths, we can feel the emotions of others. When we feel emotions that are not part of our personal experience, our mind will create a personal story that will make sense of what we feel. We will make an interpretation of what we are feeling according to our own experiences. This is what is called projection. In any case, the “true” story of the emotion remains in our unconscious. When we stop eating animal products, we notice that our mental and emotional state becomes clearer, more precise. And we can discern our emotional state more clearly. We are able to feel our true human nature. The mind becomes sharper. Our emotions become the alphabet of the emotional body. And, above all, we free ourselves from emotions that have been acquired through the consumption of foods that contain the suffering of other living beings.

Today there is a lot of information about how to go vegan. PETA provides a vegan starter kit for beginners. If you are not vegan already, give it a try. Changes begin to be felt more clearly after a few months of detoxification. Once the body begins to vibrate in the frequency of plants, we not only feel grounded like never before, but also connect deeply with the Earth.

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Trish Haywood
November 20, 2020 12:02 am

As a lifelong vegan, empath and psychic medium, I have no understanding of people who claim to be sensitives and who eat animal products and not feel the terror, agony and death of those sentient beings??