What is Astrology

Astrology was born 25,000 years ago, the time when the first records of lunar cycles were found in order to measure, record and predict seasonal changes. Cultures such as Hindu, Egyptian, Babylonian, Chinese, Mayan, Persian and many others have developed this “cosmic” language.

Science or Pseudoscience?

When science began to separate itself from theology and focused on empirical evidence, the scientific community became detached from astrology as a science since it did not correspond to the materialistic precepts of the time. According to some philosophers, the problem with astrology was that it violated the free will of the individuals.

As science has advanced, astrology has been defined by scientists as a pseudoscience, because what it explains cannot be demonstrated empirically.

However, there are philosophical currents that consider that astrology cannot be “proven” simply because it is a science that is based on the (yet) intangible.

The constellations dance with Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Thus they shape the essence of the children of Gaia.

If we talk about free will, today we know that it is conditioned by several factors: our social situation, our education, our biology and even the geography of our environment, among other things.

Like the I Ching (the Book of Mutations), the Tarot and Shamanism, Astrology is based on natural processes (or elemental energies) that are part of our reality and that create the different scenarios of Existence.

How we use these elemental energies depends on free will and the social conditioning that we are all subject to.

In this way, we can say that Astrology is a science that becomes an art and an art that becomes a science.

What is the birth chart

The Human Being is a mystery that, within its limitations, is full of infinite possibilities. The world of the intangible is mysterious to those who are focused on the world of matter, but to mystics, shamans, and magicians, it is as real as music.

The birth chart describes our individual geometry. There we see the relationship between elemental energies and universal archetypes, which builds our human potential.

The birth chart helps us understand that we are unique beings and at the same time, we are part of a Whole. We are united to the rhythms of the Universe and at the same time, we have the ability to create our own story.

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