A natal chart is like an “instruction manual” that describes the mechanics of our Being. The positions of the celestial bodies show a glimpse of the relationships between the elemental energies that culminate manifesting what exists in our world. The natal chart is an image of heaven as it was seen from Earth at the moment we left our mother’s womb. Something like our cosmic DNA.

Humanity follows a process of permanent evolution. However, human nature is always the same. It is our own evolution that allows us to discover more about it. Through the natal chart we can investigate the construction of our psyche and discover our potential.

The planets and other points of the chart describe different dimensions of human nature. The angles that are formed by the position between planets are called aspects. Some, such as the sextile (two or more planets at an angle of 60 degrees) or the trine (120 degrees), show the harmonization of different dimensions of our nature.

There may also be angles that describe dimensions that do not understand each other very well, such as squares (45 degrees) or oppositions (180 degrees). These aspects represent contrasting forces that help us develop new qualities, resulting in the expansion of our being.

The Astrological Houses

The birth chart is divided into twelve areas (Houses) determined by mathematical calculations where both the time and latitude and longitude of the place of birth are taken into account.

These twelve houses represent the process of individuation from the Self to the integration with the Collective.

Broadly speaking:

  • House I describes how the Self manifests.
  • House II describes our relationship with matter.
  • House III describes our ability to adapt.
  • House IV describes our emotional needs.
  • House V describes our creative expression.
  • House VI describes our tasks handling.
  • House VII describes the “you and me” relationship.
  • House VIII describes how we transform.
  • House IX describes our search for new frontiers.
  • House X describes our objectives.
  • House XI describes with which we associate.
  • House XII describes the collective Self.

We have to see the natal chart as an expanding sphere, and not as a closed circle. All the elements in it relate to each other and form a mini-universe. As we develop consciousness, our personal universe expands, and we live richer experiences.

A birth chart can have a healing effect. It helps us get in touch with parts of ourselves that need our attention. It can open the door to self-acceptance. It can show us qualities and gifts that are included in our being.

A natal chart is a personal mandala. We have the form of the moment we were born. Our creative capacity lies in what we do with it. The natal chart shows how perceive Life. As the Course in Miracles says, reality is neutral. It is we who have preferences. Many of them are learned through our relationship with the environment. And then there are those that come from our own being.

A natal chart is a personal mandala. We have the form of the moment we were born. Fully integrating our being can be a lifelong job. Learning to validate, value, like and understand ourselves can trigger the activation of our innate potentials.

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