Moving to a plant-based lifestyle can happen in many ways: suddenly, gradually, intermittently, etc.
What surely happen whenever we change a diet is a process of detoxification of substances that we stop ingesting.



Many people fear that switching to a plant-based diet will weaken them. The reality is that it does happen, but not for lack of health, but for recovery of it. It begins a process of detoxification of toxins (antibiotics and additives added to what we eat), the emotional content of what we have eaten (especially the fear of the animal before a dreadful death) and the bacteria that we have inside our body and that are responsible for eating animal products in a state of decomposition.

Do you remember that when we were children they told us that after eating we had to rest to digest? Well, with detox it’s the same. The process of cleansing the body uses a lot of vital energy, and that, naturally, tires. Knowing this in advance, will arm us with patience and will make us cope with more joy. Our body is lightening up!



The next thing that can happen is guilt. We have emotional ties to certain foods. For example, if we spent great moments with our family on Sunday barbecues, it is possible that when we need emotional contentment, we think of a barbecue. The good thing about switching to a plant-based diet is that we can take advantage of this change to discover many of our unconscious behaviors that prevent us from living a fuller life. The guilt begins because we feel the desire to eat something we do not want to eat. Do not worry. Give thanks to the guilt because it reminds you of the commitment you have made and you fill very proud of. Remember that in a society like ours where there are many affective deficiencies, learning to eat with awareness requires discipline initially. If you feel guilt, treat your guilt like a friend. Feel it, listen to it, ask what it wants. Many times it is good to yield to a temptation after several months of veganism because in that way you can discover with all your senses what it is to eat something that is more dense, heavier and addictive. Probably, you’ll never crave it again.

The most important thing is to become aware of the relationship between food and our emotional memory. Moving to a plant-based diet can be a path to the release of many internal contradictions.


Never forget where you come from

Finally, I wanted to talk about the importance of not forgetting about the process towards a vegan style that we went through. When you share your life with people who are not yet vegan, or who reject it, remind yourself how you were before you moved to plant-based lifestyle. Remember that you have gone through a process. That maybe you have spent many years using animal products and that veganism may have seemed “extreme” to you in the past. Remembering this is vital in order to better communicate with those who still use animal products. Most of us have become vegans out of love for animals. It is love that achieves change. We must always remember it, even when it is so difficult to face the indifference that others feel towards the beings we have decided to be their voices.

If you have not yet moved to a lifestyle based on plants and you are reading this article, then, I thank you, and I hope that my words have helped you to think about it and why not,  join us.


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