The Ascendant shows how others see us and, at the same time, what are the qualities that we will assume as our own as we become aware of our essential identity. 

Virgo Ascendant asks for planning and discerning whenever we want to do something: when we start a project, when we make a decision or address what is the best way of doing something. Why? Because Virgo energy has to do with the logical and rational mind. The mind is designed to improve and optimize things so that they can function here on Earth. Virgo is an Earth sign and focuses on what is manifested in the material plane. Its work is the classification of what can be seen. 

Like all earth signs, Virgo does everything step by step, with measure and paying close attention to detail. We are probably not fully aware of this, because the characteristics of the sign of our Ascendant are expressed spontaneously, they are not learned. For example … with an Ascendant in Virgo, when we enter a room that has misplaced objects, we will notice them instantly. Everything that is in dissonance with our logic will stand out in our perception.

With our ascendant in Virgo, we are perfectionists. We focus on the details. We are neat, accurate. We have everything well defined. Our agenda is perfectly organized. Our appearance will be neat and sober. An ascending Virgo will put great care in their personal expression.

Pisces Descendant (7th House)

House 7 (or descendent) is commonly called “The House of Relationships.” The sign where yit is located will show our particular way of feeling truly in relationship.

The sign of the descendant shows us the qualities we need to keep our Being in balance. We will be attracted to the people who personify them until we manage to integrate them as our own. Knowing why certain human characteristics attract us will make our relationships experiences of transformation and integration.

A Virgo ascendent seeks union with the universality of Pisces. You will be attracted to someone caring, compassionate and intuitive. Pisces energy will help you feel what is beyond the visible. The Virgo-Pisces axis are complementary energies. While Virgo is dedicated to solving the details, Pisces unites them to form the Whole. An ascendant in Virgo needs the support of Pisces energy to provide a spiritual world to Virgo’s scientific mind.

The ascending Virgo will be attracted to people who have an artistic touch, dreamers … lovers of cinema, music, poetry. Why? Virgo ascendant may believe that they lack romance, human warmth. They are so dedicated to efficiency that when they meet someone who envelops them in the world of dreams, they relax. They find balance in this way.

When we choose to associate with people who really represent the qualities we most appreciate, we discover a new dimension of our own being. In the case of ascending Virgo, it will be true altruism, the ability to see the essence of the manifested through small details. Internally we need to explore new worlds, and our relationships will help us connect with the world of the immaterial, to communicate it to the rest of society.

An example of the Virgo-Pisces axis is the relationship between the aviator (Virgo) and the Little Prince (Pisces).

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will give us details of what our needs are, both emotional and physical, spiritual or mental. The sign of our descendant will tell us about relational dynamics. And personal planets will describe what we look for and how we look for it.

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