The rising sign describes how we cope with life. It shows our natural way of introducing ourselves to others. Any planet in the first house will condition this behavior in one way or another. However, the sign that begins the first house is a kind of suit, the physical “format” that our Self takes to navigate its experience in 3D. We are not very aware of it. In fact, the rising sign is like Aries: it manifests spontaneously, without thinking. As we grow and develop these characteristics, we learn to express them in a more masterful way.

It is the sign of the Sun that we recognize as our identity. The sign of the Moon makes us aware of our emotional needs. The sign of the ascendant describes our exterior, what people see when they see us.

Virgo Rising asks for planning and discerning whenever we want to do something: when we start a project, when we make a decision or address what is the best way of doing something. Why? Because Virgo energy has to do with the logical and rational mind. The mind is designed to improve and optimize things so that they can function here on Earth. Virgo is an Earth sign and focuses on what is manifested in the material plane. Its work is the classification of what can be seen. 

Like all earth signs, Virgo does everything step by step, with measure and paying close attention to detail. We are probably not fully aware of this, because the characteristics of the sign of our Ascendant are expressed spontaneously, they are not learned. For example … with an Ascendant in Virgo, when we enter a room that has misplaced objects, we will notice them instantly. Everything that is in dissonance with our logic will stand out in our perception.

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With our ascendant in Virgo, we are perfectionists. We focus on the details. We are neat, accurate. We have everything well defined. Our agenda is perfectly organized. Our appearance will be neat and sober. An ascending Virgo will put great care in their personal expression.

Pisces Descendant (7th House)

The 7th house shows us the associations we seek, the qualities we need in others to feel that we are entering into a relationship. When we have Pisces in the 7th house, we seek to relate to individuals with artistic predisposition, dreamers, or those who need our organizational qualities. We look to others for acceptance, gratitude, and even sacrifice.

We are very intuitive when it comes to relating to others. We feel good about the other … or not. And that way we decide whether to keep in touch. We are repelled by selfishness, lack of consideration for others, lack of imagination.

We can also approach others via music, cinema, poetry. We look for great sensitivity in the other. We like to feel included in their world.

Our personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars) will give us details of what our needs are, both emotional and physical, spiritual or mental. The sign of our descendant will tell us about relational dynamics. And personal planets will describe what we look for and how we look for it.

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