What is the Vertex in astrology

The Vertex is a point in astrology used to interpret karmic connections and significant life experiences. It’s a sensitive point calculated in the natal chart and represents fated encounters or events. Here’s a general description of the Vertex in astrology:

  • Karmic Connections: The Vertex is commonly associated with karmic encounters and connections in a person’s life. It can indicate situations and relationships that are destined to occur as part of an individual’s soul path.
  • Significant Events: The Vertex is also related to important events or turning points in a person’s life. These events can be surprising and significant, often with a lasting impact.
  • Important Relationships: In terms of relationships, the Vertex is often linked to significant encounters with other individuals, including romantic relationships, deep friendships, and spiritual connections.
  • Destiny and Karma: The Vertex is considered an indication of the direction of destiny and predestined experiences that a person may go through. It can point to situations where a person needs to learn important lessons or fulfill a specific purpose in their life.
  • Mystery and Synchronicity: The Vertex is often associated with an aura of mystery and synchronicity. Experiences connected to the Vertex often appear to be beyond the conscious control of the individual and can feel magical or mysterious.

The concept of the Vertex in astrology does not have an exact date of origin, but its use has become popularized and more widely spread during the 20th century. Although it is not as ancient as other aspects of astrology that date back thousands of years, the Vertex has become a significant part of modern astrological interpretation.

The Vertex is calculated from the intersection of the plane of the celestial equator with the plane of the ecliptic in the natal chart, and its position varies depending on the time and place of birth. Although the concept of the Vertex has existed for some decades, it was in the second half of the 20th century when astrologers like L. Edward Johndro (1882-1951) began to explore and emphasize its importance, followed by others such as Charles A. Jayne in their work. Johndro, an electrical engineer and astrologer, is often credited with introducing the Vertex as a significant point in astrology, suggesting it represents a karmic or fateful meeting point.

How it is activated the Vertex in the birth chart

The Vertex isn’t an active point in the same way as planets in the natal chart. Rather, it tends to be activated through the following mechanisms:

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  • Planetary Transits: Planetary transits are one of the main mechanisms for activating the Vertex. When a transiting planet forms a significant aspect with the Vertex in the natal chart, it can indicate significant moments in a person’s life related to karmic situations, important encounters, or predestined events. These moments can manifest through new relationships, significant changes, or experiences that seem beyond the person’s control.
  • Synastry: Synastry is the study of interactions between the natal charts of two individuals. When a person’s Vertex is activated in a relationship through synastry, it can indicate a significant or karmic connection with the other person. For example, if one person’s Sun forms an aspect with the other person’s Vertex, it may signal an important relationship in which both are destined to play a significant role in each other’s lives.
  • Secondary Progressions: Secondary progressions involve advancing the natal chart over time, with each day after birth corresponding to a year of life. If the Vertex forms aspects with planets or points in secondary progressions, these aspects can indicate important life moments related to the Vertex.

The Vertex as a Portal

The idea of viewing the Vertex in astrology as a portal to alternative realities is fascinating and broadens the traditional understanding of this point in the natal chart. Often described as the point of fate or a vortex of significant events, the Vertex is found at the intersection of the ecliptic plane and the celestial equator, marking encounters and experiences that seem predestined or have a profound karmic impact on our lives.

Imagining the Vertex as a portal suggests that its activation by planetary transits or progressions opens a door to experiences that transcend our ordinary perception of time and space, leading us to dimensions of existence that are usually beyond our everyday reach. This vision invites us to explore the Vertex not just in terms of encounters with significant people or situations but as a threshold to deeper understandings of our own nature and the universe.

Activation of the Vertex and Passage to Alternative Realities

When the Vertex is activated by significant transits or by the presence of transiting planets in aspect to it, we might experience moments of intense synchronicity, life-changing encounters, or profound revelations that alter our perception of the world. These events, marked by the Vertex, can feel as though we have been transported to an alternative reality where the conventional laws of time and causality do not apply in the same way.

Alternative Realities and Personal Growth

In these alternative realities, the lessons learned and experiences undergone can have a profound transformative effect on our being. We might find ourselves exploring hidden or repressed aspects of our psyche, confronting deep-seated fears, or discovering latent talents and purposes. The Vertex, as a portal, facilitates these journeys by allowing us to access levels of reality that are normally veiled, offering opportunities for spiritual growth and consciousness expansion.


Considering the Vertex as a portal to alternative realities opens new dimensions in astrological interpretation, inviting us to see this point not only as a marker of fated events in linear time but as a key that can unlock doors to deeper understanding of our destiny and our connection to the cosmos. This perspective enriches our life experience, encouraging us to be open to the infinite possibilities the universe has to offer and to recognize the role we play in creating our own reality.

Meaning of the Vertex by House

he position of the Vertex in a specific house and sign in the natal chart can provide additional insights into how karmic experiences and significant encounters manifest in a person’s life.

Here’s a brief description of the significance of the Vertex by house and sign (by the way, the vertex is a social “destiny” point, it is normally found through the houses 3 and 9.

  • 3rd House: The Vertex in the third house highlights karmic experiences related to communication, learning, and local interactions. Significant encounters may occur through close connections and intellectual activities.
  • 4th House: In the fourth house, the Vertex suggests that karmic experiences are related to family, home, and roots. They can influence emotional issues and the sense of belonging.
  • 5th House: The Vertex in the fifth house is associated with love, creativity, and personal expression. Karmic experiences may be related to romance, hobbies, and the pursuit of happiness.
  • 6th House: In the sixth house, the Vertex emphasizes karmic experiences related to work, health, and service to others. They can influence daily routines and the search for purpose.
  • 7th House: The Vertex in the seventh house suggests that karmic encounters and significant experiences are linked to relationships and partnerships. They can influence the love life and close connections.
  • 8th House: In the eighth house, the Vertex is related to themes of transformation, intimacy, and shared resources. Karmic experiences may be linked to power issues and rebirth.
  • 9th House: The Vertex in the ninth house suggests that karmic experiences are related to the quest for knowledge, spirituality, and travel. They can influence the search for truth and the expansion of horizons.

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