The reason why many of us don’t want to think about the billions of animals that are exploited, abused and killed for -mostly- our own pleasure, is that most of us are afraid to feel the unbearable pain of Knowing.
This is the root of DENIAL, seen in many other aspects of human life: wars, child abuse, extreme poverty, etc.
We read the news and the feeling stays in the “mind”. We search for blame without connecting with the victims. We get angry but we don’t allow ourselves falling into the despair that knowing the truth would cause -even when it would be a healthy emotional response to feel unbearable despair. We disconnect with out hearts to survive.
Animal slavery is not seen as “animal slavery”. Actually, most people don’t even think about how their food, clothing, beauty products, etc. are made. It’s not our fault to be born in a civilization that has not yet realized the preciousness of life in all living beings, but it is our responsibility to open our eyes and CHANGE.
Animals are sentient beings, no one can deny it. Believe it or not, corporations lobby for creating laws that deny the nervous systems in animals in order to sell their “product” cheaper, faster and without further inspections related to animal welfare. They are even working hard to ensure that animals are legally considered as “animated objects”, to diminish costs of production.
But now, more and more people are awaking to the truth.
Truth hurts because it has been hidden for too long and the atrocities that humans has done to other humans, the rest of animals, the trees, the land, etc., are too big. We are torturing Earth and all living beings in it for the sake of consumerism, like if our planet was also a “product”. We live on Earth like if we were in a mental reality, just thoughts forms floating on a world that we can’t feel.
But when you open your eyes, and you see that you are not alone, and so many people are happy to see you joining them and become the critical mass that is necessary for change, you’ll never regret it.
Go vegan, join the millions worldwide that are already working to end animal slavery, and feel alive for the first time.
Leave the matrix, join the real world.

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