Major Arcana: II

Astrological Correspondence: The Moon

Key words: Intuition, receptivity, unconscious, soul, inner life, wisdom, inner voice, integration of the feminine.

The High Priestess represents intuition. Intuition is the nexus of communication between spiritual dimensions, the environment and oneself.

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Tarot High Priestess - Through the Fog - Mallory Morrison

The High Priestess is pure feminine energy. It is receptive energy. Like the Moon, the High Priestess represents our door to the unconscious, to our archaic wisdom. They are the akashic records of our emotional experience. To enter them, we must surrender to our emotional body.

That is why this Major Arcana represents a mystery, the veiled, that which is not visible but can be felt. When the High Priestess appears in a reading, it tells us of a time of receptivity where we connect to what can not be explained but can be felt, something that is not yet manifested but that contains the wisdom of Life. Like the Moon, the High Priestess represents the emotional currents that are part of our being as a whole. It is our inner voice that guides us towards the reality of our being. She invites us to let ourselves be carried by the emotional currents to understand the meaning of Life.

The High Priestess represents the amniotic fluid in which we find emotional security and which is intrinsically related to our emotional attachments acquired from the earliest childhood, that is why it can represent maternal figures. There we find our deepest fears and our most precious longings.

We also find our unconscious image of the feminine, the anima. For a man, this Major Arcana can represent a woman who awakens his own unconscious feminine. If he has not connected with this part of his being, then he may fear or idealize it. In any case, she becomes the path to the integration of his feminine part. If he integrates it, this man will know the depths of his emotional universe. If he can’t, the High Priestess will become a mystery that will awaken archaic fears from which he will want to escape from.

For a woman, this Major Arcana represents her own feminine. She awakens the unconscious inheritance of all her female ancestors, and her job is to investigate and raise her awareness of them.

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