The Green Pill explores our humanity and how we can work all together for social change and a better world. Knowing the work of Wayne Hsiung, I recommend personally this podcast. Intelligent conversation with individuals who analyze and search for solutions to reconnect with our humanity and place in Nature and all our Earth family.

Wayne Hsiung, 2020 candidate for Mayor at Berkeley, law professor-turned-grassroots animal rights activist and multi-state felony defendant, uncovers human emotional diversity and the road to social change, always from a unity point of view, towards a heart-based society.

In the first episode, Wayne’s guest is Ezra Klein, a world-renowned political journalist, founder of Vox and former columnist at The Washington Post and more. Both explore the contradictions we all have within, the reality of automatized cruelty and the need for change, with hope and vision.

The Green Pill Podcast with Wayne Hsiung

Listen to this podcast here.

“I want to normalize the idea that if you care about suffering, one of the categories of suffering you should care about is animal suffering.”

“The solution is not individual action, but there is no solution without individual action.”

Music by Moby: Everything That Rises

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