In astrology, the Sun and the Moon are, par excellence, the planets that carry the most weight – or at least the most obvious, when describing the composition of our Self. The Sun represents our Ego. The Moon, our instinctive memories. The rest of the planets are, in a way, subservient to them.

When both the Sun and the Moon are in the same element, our objective, and subjective experience flow easily. Anyone would say that this is an ideal position. For oneself, in a way it is. However, these planetary positions can generate inconveniences when seeking to understand reality through the eyes of others.

For example, an individual with the Sun and Moon in Water signs will perceive the world in a strongly emotional way. Their impressions and self-expression act in unison. Here we meet the soul of the poet, the caregiver, an empath… On the contrary, an individual with the Sun and Moon in Fire signs is pure action and reaction. Their impressions and self-expression are experienced through impulses. When these two individuals meet, the Water individual will feel that the Fire individual is not connecting with himself enough before acting, while the Fire individual will feel that the Water individual lacks initiative. However, the way the Water element takes the initiative is through feeling. “Feeling” is a spontaneous act for them. The sensitivity of the Fire element is born as inspiration.

As we grow older and through different experiences, we expand our ability to at least understand that there are different perspectives. However, when we have the luminaries in the same element, or a stellium made up of several personal planets in the same sign, our ability to conceive of other forms of perception can be diminished. At the same time, the focus of the dominant element is often extremely concentrated and therefore exceptional.

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I wanted to mention this astrological peculiarity, and especially how it affects interpersonal relationships. Individuals with a majority of planets – and especially the luminaries – in the same element or sign, may find it difficult to interact with others. Functioning from a particular element, we could say that they have come into the world to focus on a single area of existence.

Of course, there are countless challenges that arise in everyone’s life. The squares and oppositions that form the planets make a large part of the population go through many challenges! In the case of those who have a strongly dominant element, the challenge is to integrate the other elements from the dominant element. It is as if, in some way, they have the potential to create a new version of the other elements, but from a specific approach and unequivocally related to their dominant element.

Fire Dominant

Gustav Vigeland (April 11, 1869 – March 12, 1943) Norwegian sculptor. In the photo: The Monolith of human figures.

Fire 90.95% (Stellium in Aires: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune / Mars in Leo)

Water 7.69%

Earth 1.36%

Earth Dominant

Herwarth Walden (September 16, 1879 – October 31, 1941) – German sculptor. In the photo, with his work.

Earth 93,66% (Stellium in Virgo: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus – Moon in Taurus)
Water 6,34%

Aire Dominant

Omar Khayyam (May 18, 1048 – December 4, 1131) – Polymat, known for his contributions to mathematics, astronomy, philosophy, and Persian poetry.

Among many achievements, he was commissioned to recalibrate the Persian calendar by fixing the first day of the year at the exact moment of the Sun’s center passing through the vernal equinox. The Jalali calendar (Khayyam’s work) is more accurate than the 1582 Gregorian calendar, with an error of one day accumulating over 5,000 years, compared to one day every 3,330 years in the Gregorian calendar. Moritz Cantor considered it the most perfect calendar ever devised.

Air 87,91% (Stellium in Gemini: Sun, Moon, Mercury and Venus).

Earth 9.55%

Fire 2,55%

Water Dominant

John Hench (June 29, 1908 – February 5, 2004) artist, designer, and director of The Walt Disney Company. The image design is created by him.

Water 78,67% (Stellium in Cancer – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars).

Fire 11,56%

Earth 8,00%

Air 1,78%

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