The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

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The Celtic Cross is one of the oldest and most comprehensive systems for reading Tarot. Each position is intricately connected to the others, collectively representing a specific situation viewed from the present moment. This system comprises 10 cards that vividly depict the unfolding of a situation in a dynamic manner.

The Celtic Cross symbolizes movement, and we should perceive it as a living organism that evolves harmoniously. Within this framework, we can discern our internal state and its manifestations in external circumstances. The Celtic Cross unveils the depth and complexity of a situation, making it an invaluable tool for discovery.

There are many versions of the Celtic Cross. In this article, we’ll look at two of them (you can watch one of them in the video below). I hope these explanations are helpful to you, and that you can discover the wonderful language of symbols through this classic spread.

The Celtic Cross Step by Step (VIDEO)

Celtic Cross Positions Meaning

  1. Situation. The main theme. What’s happening.
  2. How this situation is expressed. How it is lived the situation represented by position 1.
  3. Cause. What triggers the situation. Real needs.
  4. Where we are coming from. The past. What has been.
  5. Objective. What we want to achieve. What we are thinking.
  6. Where we are going. The immediate future. What is in the process of manifestation.
  7. Oneself. How are we affected by the matter.
  8. How do others perceive us. What others feel about us.
  9. Expectations. What we fear and what we expect.
  10. Consequences. Where the situation goes in the long term.

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Interactions Between Positions

Position 1 is where the reading is centered. It represents the main energy that defines the situation, the heart of the matter. When interpreting the Celtic Cross, remember that the answer to your question is represented by this card. The other positions tell the story … why this is happening, where it is going, what is possible to happen next, how we face the situation, etc.

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Now let’s see how these cards interact with each other.

Present Axis (Positions 1, 3 and 5) Vs Temporal Situation (Positions 4, 2 and 6)

Positions 1, 3 and 5 represent the present moment, the axis of the situation. The card in position 1 is the heart of the matter, the card in position 5 represents our perception (mind), how we see it and the card in position 3 represents our unconscious motivation, the platform where everything is taking place. Positions 2, 4 and 6 represent the temporal situation, what we are moving from and to. Card in position 2 shows the immediate influence that we are dealing with, card in position 4 shows what is in our back, the past, that what we have experienced and card in position 6 shows what we are facing, what is in front of us or how we should be dealing with the future.

The road to the conclusion (Positions 7, 8, 9 and 10)

Taking into account what the Grand Cross tells us, we can see how we are dealing with the central issue. The card that is in position 7, shows us our personal attitude and position 8, how it is that our environment perceives us. Position 9 represents our expectations, which  are conditioning our attitude (Position 7). And the conjunction of all this is seen in position 10, which represents the consequence of our actions and that are also producing what card in position 1 is describing.

Expectations: Hopes and Fears (Position 9)

Expectations are represented by the card that falls into position 9 (or what is traditionally called hopes and fears). These expectations that appear arise from our past experiences (position 4). We could say that it is the most important card after the card that is in Position 1, since it greatly conditions our perspective on the issue as a whole. We will also find here important details of how we process the past.

Consequences (Position 10) and Causes (Position 3)

Position 10 represents the consequences that the situation or central theme (position 1) creates in our lives. It represents a life lesson that will help us expand our consciousness. As everything we experience serves us to expand our awareness and grow, this card is always a great helper to let ourselves dwell into what we are really achieving with our current behavioural patterns. It will always lead us to more awareness, regardless if the result is pleasant or unpleasant. The card in this position becomes what we should look closer… why we want this, is it the first time we get here? Does it serve us? What I need (card in position 3) and what I get (card in position 10).

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