Tag: Open Mind

Emotional Attachment to Beliefs

We attach to beliefs that belonged to people we loved. Changing them could feel like a treason but it isn't. It's how evolution works.

What is a Troll and How to Deal with Them

When someone insults you for the ideas you have expressed, they insult you to stop your self-expression, to shut you up. That's the work of the trolls. Their motive is not insulting you. They...

Comparing Yourself to Others

Lack of self-esteem shows that we feel "less than" compared to others. We feel bad because we can not be other than our Selves. Lack of self-esteem does not exist. What exists is the...


Do you think today’s ideal of beauty is a Divine mandate? Fashion’s history uncovers a steady training towards self-rejection. The ideal of beauty of our grandmothers generation was a beauty that did not resembled...