The Sun, as we all know, is the star of our solar system. The planets rotate around them as the Sun travels through the Milky Way. On this cosmic journey, the Sun is the one leading the way. In the birth chart it is the same. It is the Sun that directs our self-expression.

When it is in conjunction with another planet, the natural direction of the Sun is united with the energy of the planet or planets that are next to it. When it comes to Uranus, self-expression is linked to the liberation of spaces for the new, breaking the old structures that limit our being.

Gustavo Cerati (Argentine musician)- Sun conjunct Uranus

The way these energies interact with each other depend on their positions. If Uranus is behind the Sun, as in the case of Gustavo Cerati (Uranus in Leo at 16 degrees, Sun in Leo at 17 degrees), this is what we call a separative aspect. The Sun has already passed over Uranus and is moving away. Here we find an electric self-expression, which has undergone the destructuring of its spirit … and can be experienced as internal chaos. Individuals with this position feel truly Uranian. They need space and freedom. Self-awareness comes through sudden flashes. These individuals surprise us, they are unpredictable and also somewhat eccentric.

When the Sun moves towards Uranus (what we call an applicative aspect), we find individuals who break with the establishment, who go in search of the new. Self-expression goes towards what is unconventional, they see the world from a point of view of social equality, they feel moved by their ideals and their vision of the future. These individuals can go through radical identity changes.

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In both cases, we find individuals who do not follow routines, and it is very important that they respect this natural need since, otherwise, they can explode from time to time to get rid of everything that threatens their personal freedom. If they feel internal tension, it is possible that something is limiting them. They need to be able to express themselves freely and that nobody thinks of telling them how they should behave, especially in the area of life (or astrological house) where this conjunction is found.

Solar Flare

The self-expression of these individuals manifests as a solar flare. Sparks of genius, inventiveness, creativity. They carry within them the energy of something new, which arises suddenly as if they had received an instantaneous download from the cosmos.

The aspects that this conjunction receives from other planets will modify their self-expression, making it more or less abrupt, more or less absolut. We are talking about beings that are truly individual and that will not allow under any circumstances to be typecast within social molds. They instinctively understand that each human being is unique and they themselves will become an example of it.

This conjunction indicates that there is a significant energetic current within the aura of these people. They need the space, the freedom of self-expression, create their own rules to experience the best vibration of this aspect. If they are in conservative, rigid, routine environments, then the need for liberation will appear as rebellion above all else and a great personal dissatisfaction that will lead them to create chaos in their environment, as a reflection of what they have inside.

At the collective level, these individuals will express in their identity what their entire generation seeks to innovate. Uranus is a transpersonal planet, and those who have it in conjunction with the Sun are, to a lesser or greater extent, examples of the desire for change and progress of their time.

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