Shapeshifting is a technique that we can develop by mimicking living beings. It allows us to know how other beings experience life.

Shapeshifting the essence of animals can help to develop the qualities of them. This is a really fun exercise! You can understand their nature and connect with them. This is how we can become one with the animal kingdom. Shapeshifting people help us to understand others behaviors and their psychology.

As empaths we can know what others think about us or about themselves based on how we shape-shift.

This is a great tool for empaths, as we tend to confuse our energies with others and feel uneasy. This is happening for two reasons: they believe we are what they think we are or they are emanating a strong energy of what they think others are perceiving about them. Our perception of this makes us behave in ways that are not “normal” for us. When this happens, we are shapeshifting unconsciously.

As empaths, it is necessary that we know ourselves very well. This is the only way to know what belong to us and what does not. People that don’t know themselves, don’t notice any difference.

If you are an empath with strong telepathic powers, you might have noticed that -when you believe someone is attractive, they start to behave in a more attractive way. The other person believes that their attractiveness comes from themselves, unaware that is us who is projecting it. As we are awaking the sense of self of the person, if the person has low self esteem, they might become needy of our presence if they don’t own it. If he or she has narcissistic traits, they own it right away, they might start acting arrogant. We are giving a gift to them and they receive it depending on their emotional state. This is how the power of projection works on others. Most empaths are not aware of this, therefore, the reaction of the recipient affects them deeply if what has been given is not received with appreciation. Once you understand your power, you can easily identify the psyche of the person with which you are dealing. You can help them become aware of something they can not feel for themselves or run away from them.

If you are confused about others reactions to your presence, use shapeshifting. Imitate them (like an
actor would) and you will learn to understand the behavior of others.  A shapeshifter knows the psychology of another person by imitating his or her movements with emotion. It takes training. Start with animals first.Imitate a lion, to understand what it is to be a predator (very useful especially if you are an empath!). Imitate a dog and explore what is to welcome life 100%. Choose your favorite animal, and practice until you understand its nature. Then, pass on to humans.

This is real telepathy. Mental telepathy only reads thoughts. It’s like reading a script. You read it and you need to interpret it to give it life. When you use your mind (words), emotions (substance) and your body (movement) you have the complete experience. When we only read thoughts, we know what others think, but we do not know why they think this way. Reading thoughts without knowing why it is being thought is like gathering data without structure. We need to give to the thought a body, so we understand what is really happening, without any personal filter – which would be inevitable if we try to understand what others think without knowing what that thought contains emotionally.

For example, if a person who is sexually repressed listens telepathically to the word “sex,” he may automatically feel displeased with the sender, and thus cloud his understanding of what he is listening to (he is using a personal filter, he is interpreting). The sender might have thought of “sex” because he was filling out a form and had to clarify the gender (male or female). As you see, in this example we show that subjectivity and literality are barriers to telepathic understanding when we are not 100%  present within the consciousness of the sender. Literal thinking does not reflect reality. It lacks emotion, context, education, culture, etc. etc. It is very important avoiding any kind of judgement. If not, we are adding our own experience on other people and project on to them, making the experience of “telepathy” an illusion.

Practice shapeshifting. We can use this technique to understand behaviors that are not ours, so we can have a global view of humanity and have a full overview of reality. As we are here to raise consciousness, we need to be aware that every individual is an unique expression of self. Shapeshifting is a good way of achieving it.

To be able to read thoughts and reach an understanding, it is imperative to be free of prejudices, and to be present within the world of the person to whom we listen mentally. With the prejudices of our society, personal traumas, and lack of attention, today, telepathy can become a mental tower of Babel. Literal thinking does not reflect reality. It lacks emotion, context, education, culture, etc. etc. It is very important to avoid any kind of judgment. If not, we are adding our own experience to other people, making “telepathy” an illusion. Real telepathy is emotional. Emotions can not be confused, so the development of empathy is fundamental to understanding between humans and consequently, with all living beings.

Practice shapeshifting. We can use this technique to understand behaviors that are not ours, so we can have a global vision of humanity and have a complete perception of reality. As we are here to raise awareness, we need to be aware that each individual is a unique expression of being.

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