What does the Moon in Scorpio or Scorpio and/or Pluto in the 4th House mean?

People with these characteristics are used to feeling “in danger.” Both the 4th House and the sign of Cancer, as well as the Moon symbolize emotional security. When they are related to the sign of Scorpio or Pluto, we are talking about individuals who, in one way or another, have felt that their lives were constantly in danger.

Why? Because Scorpio represents the 8th House… the house where our Self merges with the “outside”. And that represents a danger to our identity. Our survival instinct is awakened. We begin to feel that we have to protect ourselves from imminent danger, constantly.

Generally, when we have any of these positions in the natal chart, we experience quite difficult situations in our early childhood, especially with the people who have taken care of us and, in particular, in our relationship with mother figures. We may have felt betrayed by them… in one way or another. For Scorpio Moon, and to some extent for Scorpio and Pluto in the 4th House, the relationship with the mother is symbiotic. Any situation where it has been felt that something is not in complete emotional harmony feels like a “betrayal”, especially when we are not yet aware of what is happening to us on an emotional level.

In fact, it is not necessarily about mothers or mother figures who have been violent or malicious towards us (although in some cases there may be real traumatic experiences)… In reality, it is our perception of them that frightens us. And since we are dealing with individuals who at the same time take care of us, what our subconscious (The Moon) does is bury that fear, make it unconscious and imagine that “everything is fine”.

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Subsequently, through life experiences, we get into situations that are similar to what we experienced in our early childhood. Although we live in a state of permanent alertness that causes suffering, we remain in these situations for a long time because they feel familiar and that gives us a sense of security.

As adults we stop fearing what we have become accustomed to since childhood. However, for those who have these planetary positions in the birth chart, unconscious fears are very latent. They need courage to go through them, since these fears are related to the feeling of not having felt safe with the person we needed the most. This is a taboo subject for the conscious mind.

We know that Scorpio symbolizes transformation. Transformation is the mutation from one state to another of the same energy. So, following this analogy, what we see in the energy of Scorpio, which… as much as it seems to destroy what exists, actually transmutes it: from stone to diamond, from caterpillar to butterfly. But… when we are children, we don’t know this. And it scares us.

Perhaps we need to reach adulthood to review these emotions and discover the treasure that our past experiences hold. However, people with Moon in Scorpio, or Scorpio (and Pluto) in the 4th House – and to some extent Cancer in the 8th House, have this inner power to carry out this review of the past. It is not necessary to live for the rest of our lives with internal crises and turmoil. The power of these astrological positions is the ability to enter into a deep connection with Life.

Perhaps it is the people with these positions who can delve into everything that most do not dare to feel. The attachment to pain and crises that characterize these positions are nothing more than a defense mechanism to avoid feeling what is really happening inside them. What happens is that the desire to merge with the “other” is intense. And every time we feel that this fusion breaks, we initiate – in one way or another – some crisis situation, which makes us feel “related” once again. This is especially the case when we interact with individuals who have a type of emotional energy that a Water Moon does not “feel” clearly, such as Moons in Fire or Air signs. It just so happens that Scorpio, being a Water and Fixed sign, needs to feel the “shape of the emotion” – that’s where Scorpio is known for its intensity. Scorpio emotions have a “body.”

Scorpios feel they exist when they can feel their emotional body. When they don’t achieve it by themselves, they look for it in the “other”. If the emotions that come from outside are not intense enough, they will provoke a crisis that intensifies the emotional exchange.

For Scorpio, emotional separation can feel like death. And this is very clear when the Moon or the 4th House are in this sign. And a child with these characteristics does not have a sufficiently developed consciousness to understand what is happening to him or her. For example, a Scorpio Moon baby may feel abandonment strongly when her mother’s “aura” separates as she leaves and leave him or her alone in the crib. Also, they are able to perceive their mother’s emotional state… tiredness, personal problems and even the desire that “the child finally fall asleep”, something that the child with the Moon in Scorpio can translate as a rejection of his own existence.

Perhaps a good way to start bringing more awareness to this part that is so hurting, that is so afraid of abandonment and rejection, is to talk to this inner child, who is desperate to make sure that he is loved. It is a job that requires a lot of perseverance because it makes us face our deepest fears. And especially for the Moon in Scorpio, it is necessary to take a look at the belief that our mother has somehow rejected us, something that can arouse great pain.

Both the 4th House and the Moon represent the internal projections we make of the outside world. The emptiness that is felt when a separation occurs is actually a discrepancy between our internal reality and external reality. The sense of separation will be more pronounced if, as I mentioned before, a Scorpio Moon meets a Fire or Air Moon. This can also happen for a Scorpio in the 4th House. With Earth Moons or other Water Moons, there’s a natural understanding.

However, the reason we meet Moons that are seemingly incompatible with each other is to awaken our emotional self-awareness. This is how we learn to nourish ourselves according to our own needs. That is when we stop expecting the “food” to come from someone else. This awakening of emotional awareness is what could be called a second rebirth: we stop being children and become our own mothers. This process can be painful for the Moon in Scorpio… perhaps more than for the others since when they go through it they feel the cutting of the energetic umbilical cord with the mother and that means the death of childhood. However, once they manage to complete the process, they realize that relationships, both with the mother and with everyone else, take on a new dimension, deeper and richer.

Opening up to life confronts us with the world of the unknown
That is the path of transformation
Just like the caterpillar, who can't stop their metamorphosis
And surrender to it completely
Scorpio energy transmutes us from one state to another
Through our emotions.
And so we are transformed by Life.

In any case, those who have these positions have as a natural gift the internal strength to go through their own metamorphosis and therefore understand the processes of Life. This helps them to open up on an emotional level to all experiences and to understand that death itself does not exist… That it is just a transformation into a new reality.

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