What is Reiki

Reiki is a tool that promotes self-healing and harmonization of our energy field through the use of Chi energy or life force. The practitioner acts as a channel for this energy, allowing it to synchronize with the client. Our bodies are made of energy. There are parts that are denser, such as bones, muscles, organs, etc. Then there are parts that are more subtle, like thoughts, emotions, etc.

When a practitioner is performing a Reiki healing session, their hands radiate an energy that vibrates in the 7-10 Hz range, called Theta and Alpha. Theta waves induce deep levels of relaxation, allowing the body and mind to recover. These waves help slow down our brain. They also enhance creativity, inspiration, and intuition. Alpha waves are those found in meditators. They have the ability to relax and keep the mind idle when it is not concentrating on a specific task.

Reiki works by synchronization (or entrainment). If we place two identical metronomes on a wooden bar mounted on two soda cans, we will find that the rhythms of these mechanical devices, used by musicians to keep time, can be synchronized in minutes or even seconds. As with the metronomes, the practitioner vibrates with the Reiki energy and the client synchronizes with it. It is not the practitioner who heals the client. It is the ability to constantly vibrate with Reiki energy (chi) that helps their client. When the client begins to vibrate at the same frequency as the practitioner, the self-healing process begins.

Reiki is transmitted from teacher to student through what is called “reiki attunement,” a ceremony that allows the student to connect to the universal source of Reiki. Once the student has received the initiations, he or she is ready to become an energy channel for this energy.

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Reiki healing is always done with consent. We cannot send Reiki to those who have not given us their permission. Even when we do Reiki on animals, we first ask for their consent and use our intuition and observation of animal behavior to find out whether they agree or not. In all cases, the practitioner has no control over the outcome of the session. Reiki will always work in the highest good of the recipient.

Reiki Symbol “Cho Ku Rei” means “Placing all the power of the Universe here, now”.

Remote Reiki Healing

Reiki energy is not limited by space and time. We can send Reiki to another person at a distance, as well as to the past. Even the future. We can send Reiki to humans, other species, events, situations, Mother Earth, etc. We can do remote healing using anything as a substitute for the client: a photo, a written piece of paper, the name or something that helps the practitioner to feel that they are connecting with the client. This is personal and goes according to what serves each one. During my remote Reiki sessions, I began using the natal charts to send Reiki energy remotely. In this way I connect with the essential geometry of the client. I even add the planetary transits of the moment to harmonize in the best possible way with the individual and their current state. It is always my intention that the reiki energy works for the highest good of the client.

We can do remote healing using anything as a surrogate for the client. During my remote Reiki sessions, I started using the birth charts in order to send Reiki energy to the essential geometry of the individual. I also add the current transits to harmonize in the best possible way the individual with the current energies. I always set as intention that the reiki energy works for the highest good of the client.

During energy healing, it is good, but not necessary, to make an appointment and reserve 30 minutes where the client can remain calm and undisturbed at the time I am performing the remote session. Sometimes it can happen that the receiver does not feel anything. Other times, they may feel something at the same time or later. The Reiki healing will continue her work once the session is over.

If you are interested in a remote natal chart Reiki session with me, you can request one session or if you prefer a weekly treatment, you can request five sessions (and get one free).

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