Videoconference 180 minutes


Longer session for an in-depth interactive birth chart reading. I answer your questions as we go through the reading. Recording Included.

About the reading

The language of astrology is a tool for self-discovery.

The natal chart is a map of ourselves. It does not judge us or tell us what to do, nor is it an act of divination. Actually, the natal chart is a mirror that reflects who we are, including abilities and gifts that we are often unaware of.

Although I observe planetary transits and use other predictive techniques to look for activations of personal processes, in my opinion, the “prediction” of specific events remains subjective since it all depends on one’s individual reality – and this goes for the astrologer as well. That is why I limit myself to describing the essential energies that trigger these processes.

In practical terms, in addition to the moment of the reading itself, each astrological reading takes a time of prior preparation where I dedicate myself to the study of the chart.

After you place your order, I’ll contact you within 24 business hours with any additional questions.

IMPORTANT: Readings are not intended to replace therapy. They are a different and curious way to know yourself from an astrological perspective.

Take a journey into your personal universe. Potentials and challenges. The purpose of your soul. An exploration of your essential being.

We go through your natal chart together. An interactive read. Questions and answers. At the end of the session, you will receive a link to download the reading.

I do the reading holistically, taking into account the essential energies that the birth chart shows us and what stands out energetically at the time of the reading.

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