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Interpreting Pluto’s Transits in Everyday Life

Over the next 20 years, Pluto will transit through Aquarius. We have already felt its energy from March 23 to June 11, 2023. After its retrogradation, Pluto will return to Aquarius on January 20, 2024, and will remain there until September 1, 2024. Subsequently, it will retrograde again until November 19 of the same year, thus beginning its direct transit through Aquarius for the next 20 years.

Although much has been said about the negative effects of Pluto’s transits, the truth is that Pluto has been transiting the skies forever. It is true that, at times, Pluto’s transits are associated with personal crises, especially when they form aspects with personal planets. However, Pluto simply indicates common processes of life. We can consider Pluto as the one responsible for eliminating the residues that obstruct our personal fulfillment. The painful aspect of Pluto has more to do with our resistance to letting go of what we are accustomed to. Often we begin an internal struggle against the Plutonian process, which seeks to eliminate what is outdated, what has already completed its cycle. Attachment to the known creates that resistance, which can translate into “suffering.”

When Pluto transits through different houses, it does not act in isolation but triggers and enhances elimination processes that are directly related to its natal position. These transits are key moments that activate impulses of growth and internal evolution that promote personal fulfillment.

While it is a planet that shows us processes of elimination and rebirth, which often happen in the depths of the subconscious, we can feel Pluto’s processes. They often appear as a “pressure” or “repression”, especially in issues related to its natal position. I have already spoken extensively about natal Pluto in the Astrological Houses – and for more detail, you can watch the videos about Pluto or explore my blog.

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Therefore, from my perspective, to understand and make the most of Pluto’s transit in the most constructive way possible, it is essential to pay attention to the transformation process that has been triggered since the moment of our birth.

Pluto and the World of the Subconscious

“In the context of astrology, and specifically in relation to the position of Pluto, the term ‘subconscious’ refers to those parts of our mind that operate below the level of everyday consciousness. These are areas of our psyche that contain thoughts, feelings, desires, and memories that we are not actively considering at a given moment, but which still significantly influence our behavior and our perception of the world.

When it is mentioned ‘subconscious patterns that interfere with our personal evolution’, it refers to habits, beliefs, and emotional responses that are rooted in the subconscious and may not be immediately evident to our conscious awareness. These patterns often form in response to past experiences and can influence how we react to current situations, how we make decisions, and how we interact with others.

The position of Pluto in a birth chart is interpreted as an indicator of the areas of life where these subconscious patterns are most likely to be activated, challenged, or need to be transformed. Pluto, being a planet associated with deep transformation and regeneration, symbolizes the process of making the unconscious conscious, of confronting and deconstructing these subconscious patterns to facilitate personal growth and evolution.

Natal Pluto in the Houses

As a brief reminder, let’s explore the meaning of Pluto in each of the astrological houses:

  • Pluto in the 1st House: ‘The radical transformation of identity and subconscious self-concept, forging a new way of presenting oneself to the world.’
  • Pluto in the 2nd House: ‘The profound redefinition of subconscious values and resources, causing a significant change in what we value and how we obtain it.’
  • Pluto in the 3rd House: ‘The elimination of subconscious thoughts and communication patterns that control our way of exchanging and processing information.’
  • Pluto in the 4th House: ‘The transformation of subconscious emotional and family roots that define our internal security and sense of home.’
  • Pluto in the 5th House: ‘The regeneration of creative expression and subconscious impulses that influence our capacity for enjoyment, love, and creation.’
  • Pluto in the 6th House: ‘The purification of subconscious routines and health habits that determine our wellbeing and daily efficiency.’
  • Pluto in the 7th House: ‘The metamorphosis of subconscious relationships and associations that shape our interactions and agreements with others.’
  • Pluto in the 8th House: ‘The profound reconstruction of subconscious emotional, financial, and spiritual matters that govern our experiences of crisis and change.’
  • Pluto in the 9th House: ‘The transformation of subconscious beliefs and knowledge that direct our search for meaning, spirituality, and expansion.’
  • Pluto in the 10th House: ‘The revolution of subconscious ambitions and power structures that influence our career and public status.’
  • Pluto in the 11th House: ‘The reform of subconscious ideals and community connections that define our role in groups and long-term aspirations.’
  • Pluto in the 12th House: ‘The liberation from hidden subconscious fears and limitations that affect our psyche and connection with the collective unconscious.’

As we can see, Pluto’s position indicates the area where we will see, eliminate, transform, and reconstruct subconscious patterns that interfere with our personal evolution.

With the transits, the equation of internal transformation work can be seen like this:

The elimination, transformation, mutation and reconstruction of (the themes of the house where Pluto transits) which assists the elimination, transformation, mutation and reconstruction of (the themes of the natal house of Pluto).

Natal Pluto in the Signs

The signs through which Pluto transits indicate the ‘style’ of Plutonian energy, both internalized and externalized.

  • Pluto in Aries: Internally, it can generate intense impulsivity and a desire for radical change. Externally, it manifests as a transformative force through action and leadership, challenging and renewing existing structures.
  • Pluto in Taurus: Internally, it can foster a deep transformation in personal values and self-esteem. Externally, it manifests in radical changes related to material resources and financial security.
  • Pluto in Gemini: Internally, it can provoke an obsessive quest for information and a profound change in the way of thinking. Externally, it shows as a transformation in communication and the way of connecting with others.
  • Pluto in Cancer: Internally, it influences deep emotional transformation and a revision of family dynamics. Externally, it can lead to significant changes in the home or family structure.
  • Pluto in Leo: Internally, it can trigger an intense transformation of the ego and identity. Externally, it is expressed as a powerful creative force and in the pursuit of recognition.
  • Pluto in Virgo: Internally, it is characterized by self-criticism and deep analysis, focused on what needs to be improved. Externally, it can manifest as a drive towards purification and improvement, either in the personal environment or at work.
  • Pluto in Libra: Internally, it can generate a deep transformation in the way of relating and in the understanding of justice and equity. Externally, it can lead to radical changes in associations and contracts.
  • Pluto in Scorpio: Internally, it intensifies the exploration of deep emotions, fears, and desires. Externally, it manifests as a powerful force of transformation and regeneration, often through crises or significant changes.
  • Pluto in Sagittarius: Internally, it promotes a transformation in beliefs and life philosophy. Externally, it can manifest in radical changes in education, religion, or long-range explorations.
  • Pluto in Capricorn: Internally, it drives a deep review of ambitions and the approach towards authority and discipline. Externally, it manifests as transformations in power structures, career, and institutions.
  • Pluto in Aquarius: Internally, it encourages a transformation in ideas and collective aspirations. Externally, it is expressed in radical changes and social, technological, and community reforms, challenging established systems and promoting innovations.
  • Pluto in Pisces: Internally, it leads to a profound spiritual and emotional transformation, often confronting the most hidden aspects of the subconscious. Externally, it can manifest in the dissolution of boundaries and transformative compassion, as well as in changes in the areas of health and spiritual well-being.

What happened the last time Pluto transited Capricorn and Aquarius

Analyzing Pluto’s transit through Capricorn in the period prior to its move into Aquarius in the 1770s can provide an interesting perspective on how its energy manifested differently in these two signs. Remember that Pluto takes about 14 to 30 years to transit through a sign due to its elliptical orbit.

Pluto in Capricorn

  • Approximate Period: Late 1750s to early 1770s.
  • Historical Context: This era was marked by several important events that reflected the structural and transformative nature of Capricorn.
  • Internal Manifestations:
    • Internal State Reforms: Many states underwent a transformation in their internal structures, including changes in government, administration, and the strengthening of central power.
    • Economic Development: Significant changes in the economy were observed, with the onset of industrialization in some parts of the world, especially in Great Britain.
  • External Manifestations:
    • Conflicts and Wars: Although Pluto in Capricorn tends to be associated with internal transformations, there were also significant external manifestations. Wars, especially those involving the struggle for territorial control and the consolidation of power, were common. These conflicts can be seen as an externalization of the need for political and territorial restructuring.
    • Changes in Colonial Power: The reorganization of colonial power, especially in America and Asia, reflected Pluto’s transformative nature in terms of power structures and control.

Comparison with Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto in Aquarius (1770s): During this transit, Pluto influenced revolutionary movements and radical social changes. The most notable example is the American Revolution (1775-1783) and the beginning of the French Revolution (1789), which reflected the nature of Aquarius in terms of reform, rebellion, and breaking with traditional structures. Pluto’s energy in Aquarius manifested in a more visible and collective transformation, with a focus on freedom, equality, and fraternity.


Pluto in Capricorn: Although there were significant changes in political, economic, and territorial structures, many of these changes can be interpreted as more ‘internal’ in the sense that they reflected a restructuring of existing systems and a consolidation of power and control. The transformation was more gradual and structural.

Pluto in Aquarius: In contrast, Pluto’s energy in Aquarius manifested in more abrupt and revolutionary changes, with an emphasis on freedom and breaking with the past. These changes were more ‘external’, visible, and collective, reflecting the innovative and reformist nature of Aquarius.
In summary, while Pluto in Capricorn was more oriented towards internal transformation and consolidation of structures and systems, Pluto’s transit through Aquarius marked a period of visible revolution and radical changes in society and politics. These historical patterns suggest a more internal manifestation of Plutonian energy in feminine signs (Capricorn) and a more external manifestation in masculine signs (Aquarius).

Deep Dive into Pluto’s Transit in Aquarius

In Aquarius, the way Pluto eliminates the necessary to reduce to the essentials everything that has reached the end of a cycle is manifested through mental differentiation. Here new concepts and ideologies come into play, the different, the innovative. We will encounter situations that take us out of the established and revolutionize the status quo. If we try to ‘contain’ progress with restrictive or limiting rules and seek to maintain the ‘established order’, the Plutonian elimination will feel relentless. However, it’s important to remember that Pluto is not necessarily violent; our

resistance to change makes it feel that way, as we struggle to avoid a natural process. Pluto symbolizes the butterfly emerging from its chrysalis. If we try to reinforce the chrysalis because we feel safe there, our own wings will push to break it and thus unfold freely. Resistance to this natural process can damage our wings or cause the chrysalis to explode violently into a thousand pieces.

As I have mentioned before, Pluto indicates a process of elimination that reduces to the essentials everything that has reached the end of a cycle. In Aquarius, this elimination occurs through the contrast with what is outdated and no longer allows progress. With this in mind, here I detail a bit more about how Pluto in Aquarius operates in this process of elimination:

  • Plutonian Elimination Process: Pluto is known for its ability to reveal what is hidden and force deep changes. This elimination is not merely destructive; it is a necessary process to get rid of structures, attitudes, or systems that no longer serve an evolutionary purpose. Pluto dismantles to create space for something new and more relevant.
  • Contrast with the Obsolete in Aquarius: In Aquarius, a sign associated with progress, innovation, and forward-thinking, Pluto identifies and eliminates what is outdated and no longer allows progress. This can manifest in a variety of ways, including the reevaluation of ideologies, the breaking of outdated social norms, and the transformation of systems that have ceased to be effective.
  • Promotion of Progress and Innovation: Through this process of elimination, Pluto in Aquarius facilitates the emergence of new ideas, technologies, and social structures that are more aligned with current and future needs. This may involve a significant change in how people relate to each other, how they approach social issues, and how they use technology to advance.
  • Transformation towards the Authentic and Evolved: The outcome of this elimination and transformation is a move towards more authentic and evolved forms of existence, both at the personal and collective levels. Pluto in Aquarius urges individuals and societies to align more closely with values and systems that are genuinely progressive and beneficial for the collective.

Tips for ‘Surviving’ Pluto in Aquarius

Each individual or society will experience this process according to their current state. The transit of Pluto in Aquarius will be lived in very diverse ways, as has already happened in the past. During a period when Pluto transits through Aquarius, and considering its transformative influence, here are some tips for navigating this time of change:

  • Keep an Open Mind: Aquarius values innovation and original thinking. Open your mind to new ideas and perspectives, especially those that challenge the status quo or conventional norms.
  • Accept Change: Pluto implies transformation and renewal. Accepting that change is an inevitable part of life can help you adapt more easily to the transitions that occur.
  • Evaluate and Adjust Your Ideals: Reflect on your ideals and beliefs. Pluto in Aquarius is a time to question whether your current values still resonate with you and contribute to personal and collective progress.
  • Promote Collaboration and Community Connection: Aquarius focuses on the collective and community. Look for ways to collaborate and connect with others to drive positive changes and progressive actions.
  • Explore New Technologies and Approaches: Since Aquarius is associated with technology and innovation, this can be a good time to explore new technological tools or innovative methods that can facilitate your life or work.
  • Prepare for Profound Transformation: Recognize that Pluto can bring deep changes that may be challenging but necessary for your growth. Prepare emotionally and mentally to face these changes.
  • Practice Flexibility and Adaptability: Aquarius energy is not very friendly to adaptability. It will help maintaining a flexible attitude and be open to adjusting your plans as needed.
  • Contribute to the Greater Good: Think about how your actions and decisions can benefit not only yourself but also society in general. Pluto in Aquarius encourages a focus on collective well-being.
  • Self-Observation and Personal Growth: Use this period for deep self-observation and consider areas of your life that need transformation or improvement.
  • Beware of Resistance to Change: Avoid resisting the changes that come your way. Sometimes, resistance can make the transformation process more difficult.

By adopting these approaches, you can better harness the transformative power of Pluto in Aquarius, allowing you to grow and evolve both on a personal level and in your contribution to the wider world.

Interpreting Pluto’s Transit in Aquarius on a Personal Level

Considering the transit of Pluto in Aquarius, where the elimination of obsolete structures can arise unexpectedly or through new conceptual understandings, it is crucial to look at the natal position of Pluto in our own birth chart to understand its influence on a personal level. For example, if natal Pluto is in the 2nd House, the current transit of Pluto through the 7th House suggests a ‘metamorphosis of the subconscious relationships and associations that influence our interactions and agreements with others’, reflecting the evolution of our personal values.

For a more complete interpretation, it is helpful to refer back to the descriptions of Pluto in the various signs and houses mentioned earlier, or even download the summary table for future reference. Make relevant combinations according to your natal chart to better understand how Pluto’s energy is transforming your life. Examine how this energy has manifested in previous transits to familiarize yourself with its influence on your personal experience. This approach will help you understand and navigate the transformation process that Pluto brings – from your own perspective.

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