“If every choice you make comes from an honest place, you’re solid, and nothing anybody can say about you can rock you or change your opinion.” 

Angelina Jolie – Pluto in 3rd House

The Meaning of Pluto

Pluto rules Scorpio. Scorpio has three states as symbolism: the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix. The first state, the Scorpion, represents instinctual reaction. When scorpions feel in danger, they defend themselves with their stinger. The second state, the Eagle, represents the ability to form a strategy, since flying and seeing the world from a broader point of view allows the eagles to know where to go to avoid obstacles or obtain what they need. The Phoenix, the third state, symbolizes rebirth. The Phoenix does not react instinctively like the scorpion, nor does it use strategies like the eagle. The Phoenix totally surrenders to Life. And so, it is reborn.

Unlike Scorpio, Pluto is the planet that symbolizes the activation of this process while Scorpio represents the process itself. The position of Pluto in the birth chart shows us the area of life where instinctual reactions (Scorpio) will awaken when we feel in danger. These reactions are not only the product of our personal memories, but also of the ancestral memories that are transmitted through DNA. Some astrologers mention that we also speak of reactions that come from the experiences of our soul, memories of past or future lives. Likewise, this is the space where we will tend to develop a strategy for survival (Eagle) until finally, we allow ourselves to feel EVERYTHING and lose our fear of vulnerability. It is then when the experiences we go through transform us into a new version of ourselves (Phoenix).

Pluto describes these states both individually and collectively. This is a planet that moves very slowly: it takes 248 years to travel the zodiacal wheel and stays in each sign between 12 and 31 years. Each generation goes through these states and this is how the human species expands through time.

When Pluto is in the 3rd House

The Transformation of our Perspective

When Pluto is in this house, there may be a compulsion to know everything that happens in our environment. The reason lies in our atavistic memory. It is possible that within our DNA and, as some astrologers say, in the memory of our soul, there are memories of being in danger due to not having enough information. This awakens a compulsive need to know what is going on around us, no matter what.

It is our survival instinct that is triggered when we are faced with situations where we don’t know what is happening. So we perform sneaky acts to seek information. For some reason that is in our unconscious, we believe that honesty is dangerous and so we resort to manipulation to regain our peace of mind.

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For the same reason, we tend to hide what we think. We seek to have control over information and therefore we read and study with such avidity as if our lives depended on it. We fill ourselves with data to be able to show that we are up to date. In some cases, there may be a tendency to quote ideas from great thinkers, since, in this way, we believe that we are not at risk of being wrong.

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As I said earlier, this happens because our survival instinct is compulsively activated. These are atavistic memories related to illiteracy, speech impairments, cognition problems, or an inability to learn for some reason or another.

How to Transmute It

In this incarnation we have come to purify these fears. Pluto in the 3rd house indicates that, to continue on our evolutionary path, we need to transmute the compulsion to manipulate information because it is time to exercise the power of truth.

The experiences found in our atavistic memory have endowed us with an intense desire to handle data. We have a great ability to get to the heart of an issue. This is the mind of researchers, of psychologists, of all those who are capable of seeing what is not on the surface. Our perception is sharp. We can see with the naked eye the motivations that are hidden in the information that reaches our hands.

Seeing things as they are provides us with immense power, especially to achieve what our north node indicates. The brutal honesty that this position describes begins with ourselves first. Investigating our motivations and the reason for our mistrust helps us choose what is really in agreement with our truth. When we are honest with ourselves, nothing and no one can manipulate our perception.

The house where Scorpio is found can indicate the origin of these fears as well as the door to the healing of these unconscious memories.

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