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Harry Styles – Pluto in the 2nd House

When something is transformed, it loses its original form and becomes pure energy, and thus begins to become something new. This is what Pluto represents, the planet of transformation, transmutation, death and rebirth.

This is perhaps the most important thing we have to take into account about Plutonian action in our lives, because when we understand it like this, we can go through it with surrender, without resistance. Therefore, we allow Pluto to do his work freely. Pluto is often associated with control because it is mostly associated with our reaction to what Pluto represents. The transformation awakens very strong fears within our personal safety, since it wants to take us into the unknown and that is a place we generally do not want to go to willingly. And it is that in this house our survival instinct awakens. And when we feel in danger, we tend to do whatever it takes to save our lives.

The way this energy manifests itself will always be unique. Our reactions depend on our personal beliefs, our memories, and our genetics. And these are the parts of our unconscious that Pluto brings to the surface.

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When Pluto is activated in our natal chart, the first thing we are going to try is to regain control. That is why each one will react differently to the transformation that manifests within the house where Pluto is. What is similar is the need for control. And when we talk about the 2nd House, what we want to control is our autonomy and material security. As Pluto in this house comes to change our value system and the relationship we have with the material world, an alarm is activated in our unconscious that wants to avoid the loss of our security. In our DNA we carry ancestral memories of experiences in which human beings have found themselves in situations of starvation and extreme poverty. Dying because we can’t get enough food, or because our personal talents have been worthless is a fear that is constantly running in the background in our consciousness.

It is possible that these situations have already appeared in our childhood, where perhaps we have felt that our self-esteem has not been nurtured. We must understand that we have come to this world to discover our personal worth, and for this to happen, Pluto indicates that we might hit rock bottom, that we might go through crises that have been necessary so that our ancestral attachments towards what makes us feel materially safe can be reexamined.

It will be in 2nd House where our animal instinct is irrevocably awakened. We must remember that human beings are essentially primates, and studying the behavior of our cousins, the monkeys, can help us understand the natural behaviors that we have repressed through the domestication process that have been subjected on us for thousands of years. Many aspects of our nature have been repressed and even punished … depending on the culture we belong to. That is why when Pluto is activated in our natal chart, we can feel it as stress, fear, control, shame, or guilt. Or all together! These emotions do not come from Pluto but from our resistance to its transforming energy.

So what does Pluto highlights in the 2nd house?

With Pluto in this house we will learn to say “this is mine”. It is possible that we manifest in our lives situations or people that control our resources in some way. Many times this happens because, for example, many of us have been taught that wanting something for ourselves is a selfish act. Then the “mine” energy begins to manifest itself neurotically. Many people with Pluto in the 2nd House have “irrational” desires to get something from others. This is a natural response for not being able to feel that your own resources belong to you.

How this has manifested in life is different for everyone. The important thing is to know that with this position we are going to feel that what is ours does not belong to us, that we do not deserve it, that it does not correspond to us, etc. However, something within us knows that we have a right to possessions, and perhaps that is why we seek them in an unorthodox way, since we will not have another option. And this happens when our natural talents are not valued or when they are controlled by external forces … usually by circumstances or people symbolized by the house that where we find Scorpio in our natal chart.

And this is very important to understand, because in Astrology we can see that reality is truly a dream world where what we perceive is subjective. It is our response to circumstances that gives them meaning. Others can make us feel expansive or oppressed, but that has more to do with the way in which our being perceives the attitudes of the other, more than with what the other really wants to communicate. And the same thing happens to them.

This happens especially when we have Pluto in the 2nd house, where we can feel fear, guilt and shame in everything related to our self-esteem and personal worth. With this position it is necessary to internalize what happens to us, since we need to raise awareness about our internal impulses, which seek to be understood and revalued by ourselves.

For example, those with Pluto in the second house have enormous ambition. They possess the ability to transform their reality like no one else. However, if they were born in an environment where the concept of “humility and detachment from the material” was important, this ambition will make them feel that there is something inherently wrong with them, which creates self-esteem problems. Religious settings or where wealth is a symbol of the human corruption can make people with Pluto in the second house feel so guilty and ashamed that they need to suppress this ambition. In this way, they feel that they will be accepted by their environment.

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This repression begins in early childhood, which is when the belief systems that condition our perception are formed. As these individuals age, they have already sublimated their ambition. Thus we find people who do not know what they want, or who do not want anything for themselves, or who even control their physical reactions, what they eat, what they spend … and possibly have problems receiving pleasure.

However, the Plutonian energy will force them to confront the desire for material power through irrational impulses, as I said before. This translates into situations where they may decide to remain poor and therefore not have to deal with letting go of what the Scorpio house means. The house where Scorpio falls shows us where the innate resources that Pluto brings to our second house come from, which we dare not express.

The second house represents our first relationship with the world of objects, something that occurs between 12 and 14 months of age. It is here that we live the first experiences with Pluto when we find it in this house. For the child, the mere fact that his mother or father stops him when he was about to reach for the glass on the table may become the first time he understands that he must control himself. The child will stop looking for what he wants because he believes that doing so causes rejection from parents, for example. This is how a child’s mind understands situations. They don’t know that glass can be dangerous. They only conceive that if they seek something they want, their parents stop it. This is inevitable, although not all children will experience it like those with Pluto in the second house. These children will feel it as a total control over their wills. As a consequence, they learn that they cannot carry out their wishes either, without understanding why.

In any case, these first experiences are, at the same time, those that contain the key to evolution, since, as we grow older, they will lead us to ask ourselves why we are the way we are. They will expand our self-awareness, as well as self-awareness of our species.

With Pluto in this position, the sense of self-control regarding what we can have and what we cannot have is very strong. We already said that we can remain in poverty so that we don’t have to deal with the stress of acquiring what we want to have. However, instinctive energy will awaken whenever we need something and do not have the means to get it. Then we can even steal, like a starving animal would. Regardless of its consequences, stealing is the ability to get what you want. It’s not that all of us who have Pluto in house two go out to steal. It is just one of the manifestations that can occur with this position. If Plutonian energy cannot get what it wants openly, it will do so covertly. What Pluto in this position also indicates is that these individuals can possess brutal honesty with themselves. If we use it to understand our instinctive reactions, we will discover that self-control is so strong that it does not allow us to have what we really want.

Our true essence seeks something that goes beyond mere survival. Pluto in the 2nd house indicates that we have a great talent to obtain what we want. It will make us experience material crises, situations of shame and guilt. It will make us live the control of others over our goods, our desires, our body. And as we experience these situations, we will discover our true desires, our personal talents, and our own worth. Then, we will realize that Pluto has always been our ally, and that it has only wanted to transform our being. In reality, it is our essence that is updating the atavistic data that it receives from the ancestors. It is the alchemy between the new being and the memory that its DNA contains that starts the process.

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