If You’re Happy Doing What You Love, Nobody Can Tell You You’re Not Successful”

Harry Styles

Pluto is the planet that represents the force of instinct. He speaks of changes, of transformation. Its energy transmutes our consciousness. As the god of the deep, Pluto seeks the treasures that lie below the surface, traversing the darkness to the light. The area of life or process of consciousness that represents the astrological house in which we find Pluto becomes the door for the completion of a transformational process that began with our birth. We are faced with the fear of change, of leaving the past behind. If we take the example of the chrysalis and the butterfly, it is like when we are born, we are already butterflies. Pluto’s job is to remove the chrysalis that still surrounds us. We can equate the chrysalis with our repressions and tensions. Pluto asks us to investigate them.

When Pluto is in the 2nd House, the instinctual drive to preserve life is strong. Pluto refines the scope of our personal values, our self-esteem, the ability to provide ourselves with what we need and our relationship with matter. Pluto in this house will make us discover hidden talents, generally through crises for which we have to go out to defend our subsistence. Pluto awakens the instinct of self-preservation and asks us to review the concept of survival, bringing to the surface attitudes and reactions that until now were in the shadows.

We may feel fear, guilt, and shame when it comes to how we provide what we need for our livelihood. The reasons vary according to our culture. Pluto will make us feel tense when we think about money. In this way, it announces the unconscious beliefs that we have to purge regarding our talents, possessions, and value system. For example, if the environment where we grew up saw money as something “dirty”, “unspiritual”, “linked to corruption”, “dishonest”, etc., during the Plutonian crises we have the opportunity to raise awareness of these beliefs and let them go, reprogramming our perception with healthier ideas. A very effective technique taught by Bashar (channeled by Darryl Anka), is asking yourself: “what do I have to believe about myself to feel this way?” When we ponder this question and allow ourselves to feel the uncomfortable emotions caused by “wealth”, we may discover that behind these emotions there is some negative belief about money, the use of our talents to sustain ourselves or the value we believe they have. Another possibility is that of having felt controlled in our personal values ​​or the need to hide them, for some reason or another.

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The cure for all drama that Pluto highlights in the second house is to live by our own value system. To do this, we just have to face our deepest fears. In our beliefs we believe that, to achieve material security, we need to take shortcuts, control every penny we spend, work on something that is safe instead of what we really want to do. It is here where we find learned or inherited limitations that have no relation to our present.

With Pluto in the 2nd House, we could say that the need for material security is intense. From the point of view of Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto represents the memories of the soul. It may be that our soul has experienced lives where poverty and hunger have been known. So, during our incarnation, the unconscious can harbor irrational fears related to these experiences. The compulsive act of owning more than we need helps us defuse the stress caused by the fear of not having enough. And if we add to this the shame and / or guilt of being “materialistic”, then we follow a pattern of repression / compulsion that is repeated periodically.

In this house, Pluto can manifest itself as compulsive shopping, control over our eating – which in some cases can lead to an eating disorder. Attachment to poverty is another possibility since, by staying poor, we create the illusion of control over our reality. We will avoid “losing everything” because we have nothing. The energy of Pluto itself is not destructive. What is destructive is the internal struggle between the exacerbated need for material security as a result of karmic memories and the concept of “personal possessions” instilled by the Judeo-Christian culture. Whether we are religious or not, if we were born in the West, we have integrated this information from an early age. It is the basis of our culture and is part of the collective unconscious: the most “holy” individual is the one who abandons all his goods for the good of the other. “Self-sacrifice” is considered a virtue, even when it means abandoning our personal needs to satisfy those of others. This cocktail brings to the surface those negative beliefs that prevent us from experiencing prosperity. Having Pluto in House 2, we cannot help but feel an enormous desire to be independent and self-sufficient, and this desire is created by Pluto himself, which who asks us to look face to face the beliefs that prevent us from doing so. The aspects to Pluto, the existence of other planets in House 2, the position of Scorpio and Taurus will give details about how we cope with self-preservation and what are the tools at our disposal to achieve the stability that we so desire.

Pluto asks us for an honest and non-judgmental look at the “forbidden emotions” that we feel every time we are afraid of not having enough. Greed and envy for example, which are nothing more than instinctive reactions that speak of unconscious fears. Greed is the result of the fear of not having enough. Envy reflects the belief that we do not possess the necessary talents or resources to achieve the goals that others have been able to achieve. These emotions send us a clear message: we have a self-esteem problem. And when Pluto is in this house, it is because we are ready to rebuild it. Pluto helps us discover inner talents and resources that have been overlooked. And furthermore, little by little, we learn that, in reality, we have always been rich.

Both Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the richest individuals in the world, have this position on their natal charts. Perhaps the reason that Bill Gates has donated so much money and resources to charity has to do with the need to redeem some guilt or shame hidden in the unconscious. We know that the desire to control the market (Pluto) caused it to create monopoly control over PC operating systems, harnessing its power in a way that would not only crush Netscape, Linux, RealNetworks, Apple, and others, but also in a way it would hurt consumers and businesses on a global scale. Zuckerberg, in addition to owning Facebook, has bought Instagram and WhatsApp, among others. We also know that at some point Zuckerberg have sold information about FB users in the past. Both Gates and Zuckerberg show attitudes that exemplify what can happen when we have Pluto in the 2nd House. The important thing is that all the decisions we make are aimed at creating inner peace. The path is personal. Listening to ourselves and making decisions that ease our inner tension will lead to transformation and personal power.

As you can see, Pluto in House 2 is not synonymous with poverty. The fear of losing everything fades when we dare to have confidence in our personal talents and use them according to our personal values. Pluto hides great treasures in House 2. When we let go of the fear of wealth, we discover that abundance manifests itself in infinite ways. Just as it confronts us with our fears, Pluto can give us access to an inexhaustible source of energy that will give us the inner calm that we seek so much.

In any case, Pluto in the 2nd House asks us for the repossession of our personal resources, including the body, our personal assets and talents. For some reason we believe that they do not belong to us and perhaps we seek to get rid of them by giving what is ours to others, and thus avoid feeling the stress caused by the accumulation of resources. We must dig deep into our beliefs system. Staying poor will not make the poorest richer, but it will remove guilt or shame from our conscience. In a sense, staying poor or giving all away becomes an act of selfishness. Having Pluto in the 2nd house in our culture is one of the most difficult positions to work with, since there are so many prejudices regarding money and material goods that, no matter where we look, we are going to be judged, by others or by ourselves. So, it is imperative that we work our shadow and negative beliefs that say that if we go through struggles, we are more deserving of success. The position of Scorpio in our birth chart will give more information on how we can address this issue, where our fears are born and how we can solve them.

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