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Leonardo DiCaprio – Pluto en the 1st House

Pluto is the planet that represents the force of instinct. Pluto’s energy speaks of changes, of transformation. Its energy transmutes our consciousness. As the god of the deep, Pluto seeks the treasures that lie below the surface, traversing the darkness to the light. The area of life or process of consciousness that represents the astrological house in which we find Pluto becomes the door for the completion of a transformational process that began with our birth. We are faced with our fear of change, of leaving the past behind. If we take the example of the caterpillar and the butterfly, Pluto’s job is to remove the chrysalis that still surrounds us. We can equate the chrysalis with our repressions and tensions. Pluto asks us to feel them, let them go and let our Self shine.

Pluto’s most obvious energy can be seen when it is in the 1st House and the 10th House. Individuals like Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keanu Reeves, Meryl Streep, Joaquin Phoenix, Justin Bieber, the Dalai Lama, and Pope Francis – all of them have Pluto in the 1st House. These individuals have a powerful personality and display a personal power that “hypnotizes” and unwittingly attracts anyone who approaches them, be it for their talents, their ways of being or their hearts. Many times, these individuals become self-conscious or “controlled”, since they may have been the objects of advances or even sexual abuse by those who have misinterpreted their personal magnetism, believing that this natural and involuntary energetic emission was actually an “invitation”. In any case, there is a tendency to avoid being the center of attention, otherwise… we feel tense.

While the energy of Pluto confronts us with external circumstances that appear to be a work of destiny, in reality we manifest these experiences ourselves through our own Plutonian force. When circumstances are presented adversely – such us experiences where we feel the need to control ourselves – it is our own Pluto that seeks to bring to light everything that is controls our initiative and personal power.

With Pluto in the 1st House, we go through a personal metamorphosis that transforms how we present ourselves to the world. From its transformative power, Pluto will transmute everything that limits us to display our true personality. As I explained above, those with Pluto in this position possess great personal magnetism that will take time to be fully and consciously integrated. This magnetism was already present from childhood, which may have created unpleasant and traumatic circumstances at the time, such as undesirable advances from sexually active individuals. Or having created guilt and / or shame of one’s sexuality due to comments received by those who did not understand Plutonian energy.

Someone with Pluto in the 1st House can awaken -without any intention- sexual energy and everything that has been repressed from those around him. When we are in front of someone with a powerful Plutonian energy as in this case, we will feel that “something in them” causes us stress – unless we have our own plutonian energy resolved. What really bothers us are our own repressions, which we want to keep hidden – even from ourselves. The person with Pluto in the 1st House seems to read our thoughts, but in reality, it is our own Pluto energy that brings to the surface the thoughts of guilt and shame that we want to hide. 1st House Pluto’s gravitational force is very powerful, and it awakens our own Pluto, wherever it is. For a child with Pluto in the 1st House this can become a traumatic experience, since it attracts projections of shame and blame of others. For this reason, it is possible that, when we have Pluto in this position, we have developed a strong self-control, self-consciousness or desire for isolation to avoid external aggressions, both sexual, emotional and even physical. And we may develop a fear of drawing attention to ourselves.

This is the initiation rite that individuals with Pluto in the 1st House go through. Here, the call of our soul is to express the transmuting power of our personality, something that we can only achieve when we accept all our personal characteristics, including that we perceive as unpleasant and that prevent us from expressing our personality in its entirety.

Pluto’s transformative work begins when we acknowledge our fears, our conditioning, our vulnerability, and our most hidden desires. When we look at our darkest parts with honesty and love, we learn to view the repressions and darkness of others with compassion. Then, the gravitational force of Pluto, instead of awakening stress, becomes a healing force that makes those who have Pluto in the 1st House born leaders. It is only through total self-acceptance that we help others to free themselves from the fear of looking within. After all, most of these repressions are born of the misunderstanding of human nature.

Without a doubt, Pluto in the 1st House displays its power through physique, appearance and personality. Pain and turmoil appear to be a common trait in individuals with this position, and while they display an aura of power, at the same time we can glimpse the vulnerability of those who know about suffering. Yoga practice can help these individuals to relax while discovering the healing power of the body.

Somehow, Pluto in the 1st House asks us for the repossession of our personna. For some reason we don’t feel it our own, and we will only be able to find peace when we make it our property again.

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