Although I am a typical loner in daily life, my awareness of belonging to the invisible community of those who fight for truth, beauty and justice has prevented me from feeling isolated.

Albert Einstein – Pluto in the 11th House

Have you felt dominated in any way by an ideology or group? Or that expressing your truth can lead you to social ostracism? These are some of the manifestations of Pluto in House XI.

Understanding Pluto

“I am Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and hidden power. In the 11th House, my influence is focused on friendship, community, and aspirations. I challenge you to thoroughly explore your connections with groups and confront power dynamics within your social circles. My presence here may indicate significant transformations in your friendships and your involvement in social causes. Through me, you will learn to use self-transformation to contribute to societal change and align your aspirations with authenticity. I also urge you to confront your fears related to belonging and social conformity. Ultimately, you will find that power resides in authenticity and in contributing to a better world through your connections with others.”

Where Pluto is located, we experience a process of transformation as involuntary as the one that happens to the caterpillar during its transmutation into a butterfly. Pluto’s position in the natal birth indicates the personal evolutionary path that we all go through. Although many times we are not aware of it, this process is activated from the first day of our birth. Many times the energy of Pluto is found in the control we exert over certain aspects of our behavior. It is not that Pluto means control… Rather it is our fear of the flow of Plutonian energy that triggers the desire to control it.

Pluto simply awakens ancestral and even soul memories that are stored in our physical and cosmic DNA. These memories condition the present life and need to be released to recover other hidden treasures that we have inherited from our ancestors.

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To let Pluto flow, we need to dare to feel the impulses of the unconscious and thus, consciousness. This is not easy because it is not something that we are taught in school. In fact, many of the drives that come from our instinctive selves become compulsions because, for cultural and other reasons, we try to keep them hidden, even from ourselves.

The secret with Pluto is not to take action but to feel it, to observe it. Pluto brings to the surface energies that have been stored for generations and are now ready to be transformed. However, they remain “unknown” to us and, in many cases, terrify us. That is why, in general, we repress them for a long time until, at some point, they erupt, generating some kind of crisis.

Pluto is a very slow planet. It takes 248 years to go around the zodiac and stays in each sign between 12 and 31 years. Although the transformation process is individual, the way we go through it is shared by a large number of people. Basically, we are not alone when facing the force of the subconscious. The individuals of the same Plutonian generation develop something in common, which allows the evolutionary process to be lived together while each one has the experience from their unique perspective.

The astrological house where Pluto is located shows us the particular area of existence where we experience transformation. The sign shows us how we approach it.

The difference between the natal position and the transit of Pluto through the houses is that the natal position indicates the area of life where our evolution will focus, while the transit of Pluto activates temporary processes that assist our evolutionary path.

Pluto in the 11th House – Natal or Transiting

In the 10th House, we saw that we discovered what the “call” of our being is. In the 11th House, we now see the groups we form to carry out our ideals. In the 11th House, we meet organically with those with whom we share similar ideas and a similar vision of the future… Here we find our “community”.

When Pluto is in the 11th House, our evolutionary path demands that we transform the way we form or join groups and ideologies of any kind. It is possible that in our DNA there are ancestral memories, and even soul memories, of submission to political ideas or closed, hidden, or strongly controlling groups. In our present, we find ourselves with a strong survival dynamic in these areas and, at the same time, we have a great desire to transform the future.

Pluto in the 11th House indicates that we have the ability to see the hidden motivations, or personal ‘agenda’, that bring people together to bring about some social transformation. However, we might avoid speaking our truth so as not to fall into ostracism. The thing to remember is that, despite being able to live in a situation of ideological subjugation, that reality is nothing more than a reflection of our own ancestral conditioning and that, because of it, we gravitate towards situations where our inner truth remains somehow suppressed. The question is… are we really trapped in this ideology or group that does not allow us to follow our ideals or is there something within us that seeks this submission?

Be a voice not an echo.

Albert Einstein – Pluto in the 11th House

When we talk about submission to a group, we can refer either to a religious or political sect or to a group of friends who prefer to go to the bar while we prefer to be studying at home to finish our thesis, and yet we follow the group. With Pluto in the 11th House, the resilience of our being is strongly linked to the ability to join others, to form a network. Being part of a group gives us personal power. And many times we are going to have some kind of crisis to understand to what extent group energy can make us forget our own inner truth.

Since the beginning of civilization, staying in a group greatly increases the chances of survival. When Pluto is in the 11th House, our instinct is activated in this sense. Submission or resistance to the will of the group is a behavior that can arise automatically and needs transformation when Pluto is in this astrological house. What we have come to transform now is our group mantra… what is it going to be? Transform the future for the good of all or follow a personal agenda – ours or some other leader’s?

The power of Pluto in the XI House is an enormous capacity for progress and for transforming, in some way, our community. To achieve this, it is necessary to be connected with our instinct.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not people or objects.

Albert Eninstein – Pluto in the 11th House

When our strength is focused on an ideal to which we feel deeply committed, the Plutonian ability to see what is really happening and face what few dare to see transforms and generates progress. Daring not to follow an ideology blindly and to use the psychological capacity of Pluto in the 11th House to transform the dynamics of the groups to which we belong, can really lead us to build a better world.

Depending on the sign Pluto is in, our style will be different, but in all cases the commitment is total. The secret to going through this position is to let the emotions that arise when we are part of a group flow within us. This will help us understand how the gregarious nature of human beings works and find healthy ways of networking. The transformation that Pluto indicates in this position is based on evolving the part of us that is strongly linked to tribalism and that, perhaps, is somewhat outdated.

Forming groups to create a society more in line with our current needs, where we are moving towards a more inclusive community, implies the work of Pluto in the 11th House. In itself, it is a very strong position and requires a lot of courage, but those who have it, own it.

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