OBE (out of body experience) is mostly flying around with the Ego. Why somebody would like to leave their body when the most beautiful thing we can achieve is to fully incarnate and feel LIFE? I believe that only those who like to move around without being seen or that avoid engaging with  the real world enjoys this practice.

It is true that in some cases we can go to our subconscious and dive in, like in a shamanic journey… facing your fears and discovering more of our full Self -like being able to do OBE – which is a dissociation with the body.

But when we use OBE to tour our neighborhood… what is the purpose of it? When we are out of the body, we are without the limitations of physicality. This might feel really good as we can go wherever we want and gives us a sense of power. We are doing stuff that with the body we can’t. But… in that case… what is the point of having a body at all?

When we fully incarnate in our body, we are able to feel the world. Feeling is experiencing. Most people are in their minds. Constant self chatter, worries, projections to the past or the future… How many times during the day we take some time to feel our legs, for example? Most people live in a mental construction.

When we fully incarnate our body, we are aware of it. We become super-intelligent. We have not only the mind as a tool of perception but also the whole body (emotional and beyond).  We achieve empathy (or telempathy) -the experience of BEING what is not you. We can finally say “I am”. Only then we can recognize “the other” as a separate entity. Then, we can “shape-shift” in whatever we want:  lions, birds, cats, dogs, horses, spiders, trees, humans, etc. We can experience the essence of anything that is not “us” because as we know who we are, we will know who we are not. It only requires leaving out the fear of losing the Self, and most importantly, taking the courage of experiencing the unknownthe “other”. A good example of shape-shifting is Kevin Richardson, The Lion Whisperer. When you see him working with lions, you will understand what I mean.

OBE can be a tool for certain self-discoveries, … however, it is not ver in touch with physicality: where we are experience on Earth. We need to incarnate in our bodies to really affect matter. If we are not in contact with the world through touch, we are missing the most precious gifts of being born: having a body.

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