Neptune has the ability to become One with the All that Is without ceasing to be Himself. Neptune, along with Jupiter, rules Pisces, the sign that culminates the zodiacal wheel. Pisces is the synthesis of the eleven previous signs, and its contribution to the evolutionary process is to harmonize what has been learned and express more complete emotional experiences, which contain the Whole.


In Pisces, we see a very subtle perceptive capacity. Our sensitivity is so developed that for what for another person is normal, for us it can be extreme. The decisions are made according to what we feel. For example, we can leave a party without saying goodbye when we feel that our absence will not affect anyone. While for Pisces (and Neptune) this is an act motivated by love, others may perceive it as a lack of consideration for others. That is why those who do not understand energy exchanges can feel the Neptunians as little connected to “reality”. Many times I wonder if the “escapism tendency” attributed to Pisces and the Neptunians in general, has been defined by the other zodiacal signs. If there is something that Pisces must learn is to communicate his emotions clearly and concatenated, filling the gaps left by the shortcuts of his innate emotional skills. If they achieve this, the emotional refinement they possess can lead the Pisces individual to higher degrees of consciousness. The great mystics have very pronounced Neptunian qualities.

How to activate Neptune (the essence of Pisces) to increase our awareness

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If we take into account the chemical composition of the elements, we can imagine that, for the air, music has a body. Many of us can feel deep sounds at the physical level (like shamanic drums or drum’n base). The shamans work with drums because the sound that the drum produces reverberates in our body – facilitated by the fact that our body contains 57-60% water.

Emotions navigate through our body constantly. The sound waves that have more density make us enter into a physical relationship with these emotions more easily than subtler ones. These sounds start moving emotions that have been forgotten into the unconscious as a result of social, cultural and family conditioning.

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The energy of Neptune needs to pass through the body to fully manifest itself. And the body, being traversed by the waters of Neptune, can achieve mystical ecstasy and comunion with :Life.

To understand the energy of Neptune, listen to the singing of the whales. Listen to it until you can feel their voices and the water become ONE, and let it move through your body. That is the energy of Neptune … the integration of Yin and Yang of the Immaterial manifesting on Earth.

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