“Expansion of affective capacity through courage”

Moon Cardinal Fire – Venus Cardinal Water

Luna in Aries: “I need to express my personal power to feel emotionally safe.”

Venus in Cancer: “Affection is important to me since I am affectionate, protective, motherly.”

The Moon represents our emotional response to everything we experience, and Venus shows how we express our affectivity.

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A person with Moon in Aries square Venus in Cancer will express their emotional needs in an assertive, spontaneous and / or martial way, especially when it comes to everything related to affectivity, caring for others and the desire to protect their own feelings . A person with this aspect can use aggressiveness when feeling hurt. Very explosive, the Moon in Aries will express what it feels without filters and will want to impose its will to get back their internal sense of security. Venus’s position will tell us what gives us pleasure, and when she is in Cancer, we will find pleasure in the intimacy of everyday life.

The artist’s only function is communication with others. Every creator who says otherwise is a hypocrite.

Jean-Michel Jarre

This phrase by Jean-Michel Jarre is a perfect example of a Moon in Aries Square Venus in Cancer. While he sincerely says what to him is an absolute truth, his phrase can only be applied to those artists who have a Venus in Cancer. His Moon in Aries is manifested when he imposes his truth on others and Venus in Cancer can be seen in his need for relationship and feedback. I took this phrase from the beginning of this interview. Even if you don’t understand French, you can hear his tone of voice (martial) when he describes the only function of an artist.

The Moon in Aries exemplifies the “I Am” as an emotional necessity. It is an instinctive moon that discovers its own emotions as it expresses them, not before that. When someone with the Moon in Aries has his Venus in Cancer, he will attract situations in which they will feel necessary to impose themselves. It is very possible that they attract people who seek intimacy since Venus in Cancer has a very rich affective predisposition. But, as they will first affirm their own needs, those who are attracted to them will soon feel emotionally disregarded.

With this square, our call is learning to express our personal needs taking in count the needs of others.

With Venus in Cancer, caring gives us great pleasure, but the Moon in Aries affirms their individual needs spontaneously and imperatively, and others will feel that we don’t consider their emotions (like Jarre when describing real artists), especially if we relate to individuals with a strong component of Water (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) in their natal charts, who will be strongly attracted to the warmth of Venus in Cancer.

When we learn to express our individual needs clearly and directly (Moon in Aries), in a delicately manner (Venus in Cancer), the effect of the square creates an expansion of relational consciousness, and instead of experiencing it as a conflicting aspect, we can live it as a creative opportunity. Keep in mind that the Moon in Aries reacts spontaneously, without agendas. The Moon in Aries does not know what her emotional needs are until she expresses them when she does not feel them supplied. This creates the need for emotional explosions in their relationships that, once they are appeased, allow them to understand themselves.

Finally, and it is very important to keep it in mind, is that the first thing that others perceive of us when we interact with them is our Venus. That is why a person with this aspect can attract people who are not necessarily compatible with their need to assert their will. If we have Venus in Cancer, we will project a very affectionate image, and that will attract people who seek warmth, care and intimacy. The Moon in Aries is going to take this as a validation of their attractiveness, and they will not understand that what is being asked is to include the others in their affective consciousness.

This aspect is only one within a natal chart where multiple aspects are found. When we read a natal chart, we realize that all aspects build the totality of our Self. If we interpret them separately, we might not have a global understanding of how and why these dynamic aspects are found in our astral chart. There are no negative aspects. All of them have a crucial importance to our growth as individuals. And the squares are responsible for opening new spaces of consciousness.

Celebrities with this aspect: Anderson Cooper, Jean Michel Jarre, Jerry Garcia, Alan Leo, Giancarlo Gianinni, Clemente VII.

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