Would you want to know why you are not very patient? Or do you have a hard time concentrating? In this article we are going to discover Mercury in Aries.

The Meaning of Mercury

Mercury in the birth chart represents the way we perceive reality, our writing, exchanges with the environment, our adaptability, movements, thoughts processes, our cognitive ability. The sign where it is located describes our capacity for observation, the way we understand what we see, how ideas arise, as well as how we communicate with others and our learning style.

The position of Mercury in the signs shows that there are twelve ways of perceiving reality. There are twelve ways of understanding and communicating. That is why it is so important to study Mercury … especially within our closest relationships because being able to realize the way another person understands reality, and even recognizing why they communicate as they do, helps to make our relationships richer.

It is not about adapting to the other person’s Mercury style, but simply about understanding the way the other person communicates and thus avoiding misunderstandings.

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Mercury in Aries

Aries is a Fire, Cardinal sign and is ruled by Mars. This means that it is pure momentum. It starts things. It acts spontaneously. Aries goes for what she or he wants. They do everything without thinking too much… They’re driven by inspiration!

When we have Mercury in Aries, we are talking about individuals who express themselves spontaneously, without filters.

Mercury in Aries is a Fire energy. This mind is like the spark of a match. Being ruled by Mars, it is like a soldier. Individuals with this position will tend to defend themselves when communicating. Their words are like a sword. And sometimes this can give the impression that their talking is somewhat aggressive.

Of course, their verbal expression and even the way of relating to its environment will vary according to the aspects that this Mercury receives from other planets, as well as the position of Mars, the ruler of Aries. In any case, the essential expression of this Mercury is explosive, without prior consideration before throwing their words out of their mind through their mouth.

This is an excellent Mercury for motivating others. It is a type of energy that energizes through words.

This is the Mercury that says “Come on! Come on!”. It makes us get up from the chair and act.

Mercury in Aries has the ability to see what needs to be done. This position of Mercury observes actions to understand something.

Mercury in Aries talking

If we start talking about a particular problem with someone with Mercury in Aries and we hope to be comforted, it will be very difficult to get what we want, because Mercury in Aries will focus on what has been done and what needs to be done. They will start to motivate us to take some kind of action. It is very important to understand how this Mercury works if we want to avoid unnecessary disappointment.

Another aspect of this position is their competitive intellect. This means that in an argument they will want to win, they will seek to defeat their opponent.

This Mercury is prone to give speeches in conversations, since it is not very inclined to listen to others. Many times, these individuals will sound martial, as if giving orders.

Mercury’s Mind in Aries

The fiery mind of this Mercury may find it difficult to concentrate in the long term. This is a mind that suddenly ignites like a spark of inspiration. If they need to pay attention too long, they might lose interest.

For this reason, many people with this position may come to believe that they have concentration problems, but in reality, it is very possible that they are using their minds with something that is not compatible to their nature.

They should avoid intellectual activities that require time, patience, method, etc., because Mercury in Aries has an intuitive mindset, they receive an idea from their spirit and once they carry it out, they move on to something else. Mentally they are very independent and do not follow linear thoughts. Albert Einstein and Leonardo Da Vinci have Mercury in Aries.

“I believe in intuitions and inspirations…I sometimes FEEL that I am right. I do not KNOW that I am.”

Albert Einstein

The birth chart shows us a cosmic moment in perfect balance. Many astrologers sometimes say that someone with Mercury in Aries should practice patience. In my opinion, this is not the case. For me, Mercury in Aries has to be Mercury in Aries. And this is because this position (like that of any other planet) is of vital importance for the balance of the rest of the birth chart.

As we live in a diverse reality, where we find twelve different perspectives according to astrology, those who have other positions of Mercury, and especially those with Mercury in Earth or Water signs, can say that this Mercury in Aries is too impulsive, too individualistic, not listening to others. In reality, individuals with Mercury in Aries need to express this energy as it is since, as I have said before, it is fundamental to the expression of their whole being.

The genius of Albert Einstein – Mercury in Aries

As I have already mentioned, the aspects that Mercury receives from other planets will give us details of the challenges or facilities that this Mercury encounters. In any case, we must allow the free flow of this energy without repression or control, because this is the energy that gives birth to new ideas.

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