Mars is the planet of initiative. It rules the sign of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac as well as Scorpio, the 8th. This planet symbolizes our vital impulses, both to go out for what we want and to defend what is ours. In this way, It can manifest as both a masculine energy (Aries) and a feminine (Scorpio). It represents what attracts us, what we look for, what we defend tooth and nail. In the birth chart, the sign where we find Mars describes the way that we face our circumstances.

The energy of Mars takes the form of the sign where we find it, whether if it is masculine or feminine, of Fire, Earth, Air or Water. We all have have Mars in our birth chart, men and women alike. However, when Mars is repressed, we can project its energy onto men – and sometimes on women who possess strong masculine energy. If this is the case, we will unconsciously be drawn to individuals who express the energy of our own Mars. Knowing the position of this planet in our natal chart can help us discover parts of ourselves that we have not yet become aware of or that we don’t know how to express naturally. Of course, the aspects that other planets make to our Mars will tint the expression of this energy.

When Mars is in Taurus

In Taurus, Mars is in exile. This means that it is the position where the raw energy of this planet is least comfortable and its natural impulse is slowed down by the energy of Taurus. Taurus belongs to the Earth element, of Fixed modality. The Earth element’s energy is slow. She discovers herself through what she manifests. The Fixed modality indicates an energy that seeks permanence. Taurus comes after Aries. While life begins in Aries, in Taurus, it forms the body.

When Mars is in Taurus, its energy slows down. It manifest its feminine side more readily than its masculine side. Mars here wants security. He looks for that which remains stable. He is cautious. This Mars is driven by what takes time and routine. It focuses on your basic needs, and above all, on material security. This means that this Mars is drawn to everything it can feel with its five senses, not just money, although of course this is important. And regarding this, it is difficult for Mars in Taurus to be interested in bitcoin. This Mars prefers paper, something he can touch. Tangible goods.

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More than a warrior, this Mars is a defender. He seeks at all costs to be calm and is extremely uncomfortable having to act to get what he wants. That is why, on a temperamental level, they seem to have a lot of patience. They do not seek confrontations as he would if he were in Aries. They are not competitive either. This Mars does not like to be rushed because that is when he begins to lose his temper. He builds up frustration and even when he prefers not to, once his patience runs out, he explodes. What he wants most is to get back to normal as soon as possible.

As I said above, Mars in Taurus seeks permanence. There is nothing more appealing to them than a smooth life. He will take care of having what is necessary so that he does not have to worry about the future. This Mars is the sculptor of the Zodiac. He is creating form. Like the earth, he waits patiently for his seeds to bear fruit and will really do his best to avoid disruption at all costs.

In order to assimilate the energy of Mars in a healthy way, activities that require patience, sensuality and the world of forms are convenient for this Mars: sculpture, gardening, playing musical instruments – including voice, bodybuilding, agriculture, etc.

The details of how our Mars describes in this position will be given by its aspects, the sign of the Ascendant, the 2nd house, its sign and the planets that are there, the position of Venus, the house where it is. Aries and Scorpio.

Mars in the Signs

Mars in Aries – The Initiator

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