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Prince – Lilith in Aries

The Lilith Archetype in Astrology

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n astrology, Lilith refers to a fictional point in the sky that represents the dark and mysterious part of the Moon. Lilith is neither a planet nor an asteroid, but a point in the lunar orbit that is considered significant in astrological interpretation. The meaning of Lilith in astrology is generally associated with themes of rebellion, independence, sexuality, and the expression of the shadow.

It is true that wherever Lilith is found in our birth chart it describes the type of qualities and areas where others tend to project their own miseries onto us. That is why Lilith triggers our wild side, since something inside us awakens viscerally seeking to redeem a great injustice. Taking this into account, we can imagine that Lilith’s influence has an evolutionary meaning and promotes the expansion of consciousness. Are we able to integrate Lilith’s energy without self-destructing? Or without letting ourselves be convinced that we are what other people’s unconsciousness projects in us?

“I don’t care how it affects others; I will always do what I want, even if it means trampling others in the process.”

Lilith in Aries speaking from the darkness

When we talk about Lilith energy as “problematic,” we are talking about natural forces that do not act in synergy with the rest of the Being. With Lilith we feel that there is something unpleasant about ourselves, especially because of how others describe our natural self. Regardless of what others believe about these qualities, if we take what they tell us as simply “information,” we can discover an aspect of the self that contains great potential. Lilith says that we have full access to the qualities of the sign where it is located, in their purest and rawest expression.

The integration of Lilith is an arduous path that leads us to the pure embodiment of the qualities of the sign where she’s found. We will be judged by them, especially by those who have trouble assimilating them into themselves. However, Lilith is indomitable and leads us to go through prejudices, shame and fears, both personal and foreign, until we can express her energy freely.

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PS: Let us not forget that we ourselves can express in a very unpleasant way what another person’s Lilith awakens in us.

Lilith in Aries

Lilith under the sign of Aries connects us with the force of the Fire element in its most elemental form. It is about impulse, inspiration, and the ability to defend oneself when something or someone attacks us. Here we find a fervent Lilith, who seeks to bring to life everything that she is passionate about. This Lilith is the most assertive of all. Her only motto is ACTION.

Of course, the way we experience this Lilith depends on the other positions in our birth chart and the cultural and social conditioning that shapes our behavior. Observing the position of Mars and its aspects of it will give us a clue as to how comfortable (or not) we feel with Lilith.

When Lilith is suppressed, Aries and Mars are suppressed as well. As I’ve said before, Lilith will stop at nothing (especially in Aries!) and can push her way through tantrums and hasty actions. Lilith represents “uncivilized” energy. We may have been judged for our actions and initiatives and therefore we may inhibit our actions out of fear of rejection. There is no one more spontaneous and upright than Aries and censoring Lilith’s spontaneity can cause a very deep feeling of alienation.

Lilith in Aries resembles a ram, and when their libido is at its maximum level, nothing stops them. Of course, these are spontaneous and short-lived behaviors. Lilith in Aries lights up at what interests her and it’s like she pushes onwards blindly! She goes ahead until reaching her goal, and once she does, the world returns to calm. When we have Lilith in this Aries, we can feel impelled to act as if we were in a trance state. If we relax and allow ourselves to become aware of this energy, we will be able to direct her through a world she doesn’t really know.

Lilith in Aries needs us to be brave and will do whatever it takes to make Aries’s energy flow spontaneously. We are going to feel bursts of inspiration to which we have to give a conscious direction. If we follow the needs of our Moon, the preferences of our Venus, and the desire of our Mars, then Lilith in Aries becomes an arrow that hits the target.

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