The Lilith archetype in astrology

Defining Lilith is almost impossible from our point of view, because Lilith, the Black Moon, is related to hidden, unknown and invisible superhuman powers. We can feel it, we can hear her whisper, but we cannot define her because we don’t really know her.

In this article we see the “consequences” of having Lilith in Piscis from an everyday point of view. However, Lilith always reminds us that we cannot control her. Our job is to make her part of ourselves and allow her to act in collaboration with the rest of the parts of our being. When we do this, Lilith transforms into a true instinctive expert who perfectly uses the energies of the sign where she is and who, when necessary, does what we dare not do.

My deep connection to the spiritual can lead me to avoidance and victimization, denying responsibility for my actions.”

Lilith in Pisces

Lilith in Pisces

Wherever Lilith is in our birth chart, she describes a number of qualities that are expressed in a different way than we are used to. It seems that Lilith unleashes a wild part of our nature. In Aquarius, Lilith is extremely open to the collective. The reasons for this? We need to read the entire birth chart. What we can be sure of is that there is a strong part of our nature that is deeply sensitive and perceptive of the suffering of others. And this is felt viscerally.

I see Lilith’s influence as essential to accessing our “genius.” However, Lilith’s energy is very intense and if we do not understand it we can fight it. Will we be able to integrate Lilith’s energy without self-destructing?

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Some possible meanings of Lilith in Pisces include:


  1. Intuitive Sensitivity: Lilith in Pisces is often associated with a high level of sensitivity and strong intuition. Those with this placement may have a deep connection with their emotional and spiritual world.
  2. Empathy and Compassion: They are often highly empathetic and compassionate toward others. They have the ability to understand and feel the emotions of those around them.
  3. Artistic Creativity: The energy of Lilith in Pisces often stimulates artistic creativity and imagination. They may excel in areas such as music, dance, painting, and writing.
  4. Deep Spirituality: They have a genuine interest in spiritual matters and may seek a deeper connection with the divine. Their intuition can guide them in their spiritual quest.


  1. Emotional Vulnerability: Extreme sensitivity can lead to emotional vulnerability and feeling overwhelmed by emotions. They may be prone to escaping from reality through avoidance or denial.
  2. Lack of Boundaries: They may have difficulty setting clear boundaries in relationships. This can make them vulnerable to people who take advantage of their compassion.
  3. Illusions and Deception: The tendency to see the best in others can lead them into illusions and deception. They may be deceived or used due to their desire to help others.
  4. Escapism: At times, they may resort to escapism or addiction as a way to evade harsh reality. This can lead to problems in their lives.

I already said that it is very important to read the rest of the birth chart to see more clearly the positive side of Lilith. For example, Lilith is able to show us the dark side of our Moon. When we don’t nourish ourselves as needed, Lilith becomes a constant and sharp reminder that keeps letting us know that there is something that is lacking in our lives. Therefore, learning Lilith’s language is essential to avoid confusing her howl with something devilish. Lilith is grotesque in our eyes, but in reality, she is a goddess who watches over the shadows, which is nothing more than a world unknown to us. Lilith is as much a mother as Eve, but she has other matters to attend to.

Lilith, The Black Moon, in Pisces – WATCH THE VIDEO

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