Many times, without realizing it, we create mental stories that, without knowing it, fill our aura with negative residues. At the same time, we are forming etheric cords with the individuals and situations towards which we direct our thoughts. The same is true of our words. When we talk about other people, we also create cords. Many of the etheric cords that are attached to our aura have been formed by the thoughts or words of others towards us. If these thoughts or words resonate with us, an etheric bond is formed. That is why many times we find ourselves thinking of someone or something without knowing why.

“Be impeccable with your words”

The impeccability of our words is the first of the Four Toltec Agreements explained by Don Miguel Ruiz. This is an agreement that requires discipline and attention, since not only do we need to re-educate the way we express ourselves, but we also need to keep our minds clean so as not to be affected by the words we hear from others or the thoughts that have us as protagonists.

Words capture our attention, enter our mind, and affect the way we look at ourselves, others, and reality. Words are magic and they have power over our perception.

The human mind is like a fertile field in which seeds are continually being planted. Seeds are opinions, ideas and concepts. You plant a seed, a thought, and it grows. Words are like seeds, and the human mind is very fertile! The only problem is, all too often it is fertile for the seeds of fear. All human minds are fertile, but only for the kind of seed for which they are prepared. The important thing is to discover what kinds of seeds our mind is fertile for, and to prepare it to receive the seeds of love.

Don Miguel Ruiz – “The Four Agreements”

We have learned from childhood to listen to conversations where many things are said without thinking. Even when we are not inclined to gossip, we often criticize politicians or other celebrities simply because everyone else does. When we do this, our etheric field begins to resonate with related thought forms. This is why we need to pay close attention to what we say. It is our words and thoughts that nurture the resonance field of the aura. I think we have all experienced that, if we think about something enough, in a short time that idea remains in our mind constantly.

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It is our words and thoughts that nurture the resonance field of the aura.

How to clean our mind

Be it words or thoughts, in both cases, what we have said, heard or thought creates a thought form that remains in our etheric field. The way to undo that “thoughtform” requires patience, compassion, and practice.

Sometimes negative thoughts about something or someone come to us unexpectedly. This can happen because we are receiving the thoughts or words that are transmitted through the etheric cords that we have created with other people. The reason we receive these thoughts is because our minds are open to them. That is … we ourselves have nurtured it with similar thoughts on other occasions. When what we think is not what we want to manifest in our lives, we need to do a mental cleaning. For this, we have to not fall into the temptation to nurture the thoughts that we do not want to manifest in our reality. So when they appear, we let them pass by, without entering into dialogue with them. As I said before, this requires patience.

The same goes for the way we talk about ourselves. We have learned since childhood to observe ourselves with self-criticism, without tenderness. A good exercise is to take a picture of our childhood and talk to that child in the way we talk to ourselves in the present. Is this how you would talk to him or her? If not … how would you do it?

It takes about 30 days to create a new habit. Practicing mental and verbal impeccability every day for a month will cleanse our aura of thought forms that do not correspond to what we are nurturing our mind. If we nourish it with gossip or self-deprecating thoughts , we will reject the productive, the positive, the prosperous… for being discordant with our most active energy. If instead, we nourish our mind with our projects, our goals, the things we love, etc., our mind will stop capturing what does not correspond to the energy of prosperity and love. The mind will begin to receive ideas that are aligned with what we want to experience, create, live. And little by little, the etheric cords that we have inadvertently formed with people or circumstances that do not correspond with this energy will dissolve forever and will no longer appear in our lives.

You can also use affirmations. Many times we believe that they are useless because the words we say do not resonate with what we feel. However, when we repeat affirmations often, sooner or later parts of us that are latent begin to resonate. Another option is to practice leaving the mind completely empty of thoughts. In this way, we open ourselves to the possibility of receiving the information we need without interference.

What’s important is to know that what we think, we create. So, take care of your mind with love. Turn it into an oasis. Dismantle what doesn’t help you thrive in life. Don’t join in the gossip. That way, your aura will stay crystal clear, clean, healthy. And you will begin to attract into your life what your aura reflects.

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