The Tarot from a Jungian Approach

Exploring Self-Knowledge through Astrology and Tarot

While my specialty is astrology, I use Tarot to more easily uncover internal dynamics and beliefs that shape my experiences. That’s why I believe that using Tarot cards for oneself is very helpful.

I have written a book primarily for myself, to accompany my personal reflections and research. This is how “Tarot and You” was born. This book provides traditional Tarot definitions and also approaches it from a Jungian perspective, allowing for a deeper exploration into the universe of our unconscious.

Universal archetypes are deeply ingrained symbols, themes, or characters in the collective unconscious that manifest in myths, dreams, literature, and art, reflecting human experiences common across all cultures.

The Tarot: A Dialogue with Archetypes

The Tarot, with its rich symbolism and universal archetypes, offers an interactive medium for deepening self-knowledge. Each card is a mirror of the various facets of human experience, from the everyday to the transcendental. Working with the Tarot allows us to engage in a dialogue with our unconscious, uncovering messages and guidance that can illuminate our path and help us understand the complexities of our life.

Combining Astrology and Tarot

The combination of astrology and the Tarot opens a wide spectrum for self-knowledge. While astrology provides a framework based on the essential geometry of the Self, the Tarot allows for interaction and deeper exploration of the nuances of our psyche and reality. Together, these practices guide us in a holistic exploration of ourselves, offering keys to understanding not just who we are, but also how we navigate and create our reality.

To delve into the Jungian archetypes in the Tarot, purchase the book: “The Tarot and You”.