Imagine that each time a planet interpolates with another, their energies bathe each other. Keep in mind that the planets are in constant motion, leaving a trace in space and time. In the space ocean, cosmic energies dance with each other. When two or more planets are within an orb of 10 degrees, in astrology we say that they are in conjunction. And this aspect shows us where we are working on the integration of two or more energies.

Planetary Energies

The first thing we observe in a conjunction are the planets that compose it. Each planet has a particular energy that will transform the essence of the other.
For example, when Saturn, the planet of responsibility, of the structure, is in conjunction with Venus, the planet of pleasure and values, we find a serious, responsible, conservative Venus, while Saturn acquires grace.

Applicative or Separative Conjunction

When we look at our natal map, the rotation of the planets is observed counterclockwise. It is said that a planet is in an applicative aspect (when the fastest planet approaches the slowest planet to form an exact conjunction) or separative (when the fastest planet moves away from the slowest planet after the exact conjunction). In the applicative conjunction, the fastest planet will manifest through the expression of the slowest planet. For example, the Sun conjunction Neptune in applicative aspect will display humanitarian and universal interests that the Self will be inclined to. The separative conjunction will include the slowest planet traits manifested in the fastest planet. The separative conjunction of Neptune-Sun, will display a dreamy and delicate quality in the self-expression.


Each astrologer has their preferences regarding planetarian orbs. Personally, like in the Veda tradition, I consider that the planets in the same sign are already in -subtle- conjunction, and I consider two planets in conjunction when they are at 10 degrees of orb. The intensity of the conjunction is related to the gravitational mass and speed of the planets. If the planets in conjunction fall into different signs, the integration work in a more conscious level, as these energies have enough contrast to be felt as a unity within diverse energies.

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A Moon-Mercury conjunction will be obvious when the planets are within an orb of 5 degrees. Both are fast planets. A conjunction between Luna-Uranus, on the other hand, can be felt easily up to 10 degrees of orb.

Conjunctions to Personal Planets

Conjunctions to personal planets will be clearly seen in the individual’s personal expression.

Conjunctions to the Sun modify self-expression and the sense of integrity.

Conjunctions to the Moon will modify our emotional needs and responses.

Conjunctions to Mercury will modify our thought processes and our perception of the environment.

The conjunctions to Venus will modify our personal values, our tastes, attractions and relational values.

Conjunctions to Mars will modify the way we go for what we want.


Conjunctions are aspects of integration between two or more energies that nourish each other. When we find one or more conjunctions within a natal map, we will see areas or internal aspects that are enhanced, whether in a harmonious or conflictive way, to which we must become aware and learn to integrate in a constructive way.

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