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Why “Extended”?

Because, besides being my initials, in Substack, I’m writing about everything that I don’t write on my website. My website is mainly about astrological definitions that help to understand the meaning of planets, signs, etc. Here at Substack, I delve into astrological interpretation and research.

Why subscribe?

Because if you like to learn, deepen, and are curious about astrology, here you will find essays, ideas, fun things, and practical information that go beyond finding astrological information about your birth chart – which you can find on my website. So… more astrology in a deeper and more innovative way.

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Free Membership

Here you will find:

  • Information about important astrological events of the present (planetary transits, sign changes, etc.)
  • News from my website: new articles, videos, courses
  • Podcasts  – so you can listen while driving, or when resting in bed, etc.
  • New astrological perspectives

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Paid Membership

The paid membership  (€5/month) – besides supporting my work (thank you!) gives you access to a monthly newsletter with more esoteric, mysterious, and creative content on astrological topics pertinent to personal and mundane astrology, as well as all archives.

For example:

  • Various astrological approaches: mystical, mythical, practical, magical, historical, etc.
  • The fascinating world of relationship astrology (synastry)
  • Curious and interesting themes like the Nodes of the Moon and Past Lives, and that kind of thing.
  • and so much more!

How it works

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