As we were fed with animal-based food when we were babies, our body learned how to stop producing by itself what that food brought into our bodies. That is why, when we start a plant-based diet we can feel fatigued and discomfort at first. Our body needs to re-learn how to restart its biochemical processes and it takes some time and patience – as it can take up to one year. But once our body has restored its natural ability, we don’t only feel good but also become healthy.

Statistic research says that most people don’t want animals to suffer. The problem is that we believe we need their flesh to survive. That’s not true. We are from the primate family, and the rest members of our family have strong bodies just by following a plant-based diet.


Plant Based News have a great interview to Dr. Klaper where he explains how to eat properly. Dr. Klaper has been following a plant-based diet for more than 30 years.

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