We, as a species, have developed spaceships that go to the Moon and satellites that take photos of Jupiter. We have created educational systems that make humanity capable of surviving within the construction of the society we have developed. What we have not included is the study of our emotional system as part of our education. Instead, we have suppressed it.

The repression of emotions has been systematically taught as desirable because it helped to avoid undesirable consequences. When we know that something is not good for the wellbeing of oneself or our environment and we do not know how to solve it, we tend to repress it. Unless we are deeply connected with our emotional selves, we can consider that repressing undesirable emotions is a healthy way of preserving harmony. This belief has been nurtured for centuries and is deeply imprinted in our collective unconscious. Emotional repression can last for years, decades, centuries or even millennia, but it will disappear sooner or later, as soon as we are ready to express the emotion that is being rejected and explore it until we give it consciousness.

If we look at history, we can see that “morality” is born from a collective agreement that is continually expanding. This evolution is not caused by new experiences but by the gradual acceptance of what has been repressed when following the moral codes of our society. What is a collective agreement? Imagine the traffic lights. Every time we see red, we all know that we must stop and wait for the green light.

All civilizations have developed more or less similar moral codes. From the Mayans to the Romans, from the Persians to the Japanese. On the surface we can see ourselves as very different, but we all share similar traits. It is our perspective that changes. If a culture is focused on trade, then they will be very good at trade. If another culture focuses on war, then they will be very good at war. The fragmentation of our species was necessary to develop all human capabilities. Each “tribe” have mastered certain set of skills. Migratory waves produce the mixture of two or more cultures, enriching each other and expanding the awareness of human capabilities. Ignorance of this makes that some groups are still reticent of this blending, but this will gradually change, as it happened during the second part of the 19th Century with the great migratory waves, when many Europeans that escaped hunger emigrated to the Americas. They were also “second class” citizens of the new world back then.

We are entering an era in which we are learning to appreciate our differences. In the same way that hummus has reached the homes of Western families, the same goes for Kylie Jenner in the Eastern world. We are letting in into our lives what other cultures produce, and this opens the doors to a future in which our roads converge into one. There is no doubt that we are moving towards unity and interdependence. What is uncertain is how long it will take. If I were an intelligent ET, I would try not to appear on Earth until humans live in harmony with one another. And I would be even more cautious if my ET species looks more like a cow than a “tall blond Nordic type Pleiadian.”

Is morality the separation of what is right and what is wrong?

If we think about stealing, most of us will suppress the thought instantly. We feel it is wrong just tho think about it and we don’t dive into our motivations at all. We do this because we fear punishment. When something is considered criminal by law, it will be repressed with some type of punishment. Punishment has worked for millennia to control the masses in all cultures. BUT “what is criminal and what is not” is decided by the ruling class. For example, during the rise of Christianity, the first Christians were thrown to the lions to be eaten alive in front of an audience that enjoyed the spectacle. This practice was accepted as morally correct at the time. Living in 150 BC was tough if we see it from our current perspective. Fortunately for us, our society has changed and only non-human animals are legally used for entertainment purposes, something that is also changing gradually. In these times, animal rights activists are those who are being considered as “criminals” by the ruling class when they enter into slaughterhouses to witness and share with the world the brutality that is exercised over non-human animals. Considering how the story goes, the activists who are being prosecuted today for showing what is being done to those animals will be seen as heroes in the future.

If we think of this in terms of the flow of consciousness, we can imagine that, through time, what “Creation” has developed is the awakening of our human consciousness. Maybe we needed to enslave ourselves to understand our natural being. Our primary forces are too strong to be understood without experiencing them. We needed to succumb into them in order to understand our true animal power and thus see the rest of the animals as equals, from those who live on the ground to those who live in the ocean and those who fly. Morality was created to live in community, and as we did not understand what our emotional body is or what it is for, we created a set of laws that repressed those feelings that were considered dangerous for the wellbeing of the whole.

As I said before, emotional repression is used when no other solution is found. Now that more and more humans are emerging from the state of mere survival and can choose their destiny according to what the heart dictates, we are learning to understand our emotions and to build a relationship with the external world with delicacy and empathy.

Now that we are able to create spaceships to explore the universe, we are also beginning to understand our animal self and relate to the rest of the creatures of the Earth as we do with our own families. This is the path of evolution.

Kevin Richardson and one of his friends.
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