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When we are finishing high school, all we think is about what direction we’re going to give to our lives.  There is so much pressure on this…

It is very difficult to know what our passion is in today’s society. We are not trained on discovering it. The education systems filled our minds with information related to the outside world, but most classic education ignores completely the individual qualities of each child. Nobody knows him/herself by the end of school years. And once we finish school, we even forgot that we also have a self. We are who we were told to be. From then on we use our will to follow the chosen path. That’s why we are always projecting to the future. We need a goal to keep going.

When we have a goal in our mind, all our focus is towards the achievement of the goal. This might take you where you want to go, but… if you take a second to feel your full body, you will not be able to perceive more than your thought of having a body. Our body is always in the present. If our mind is in the future, our body does not follows. We are most of the time in the mind’s world, unaware of the physical sensations that reality gives. Therefore, we call “reality” to a projected future. Passion always look for life. A projected future does not have any. It’s just fantasy.

Understanding What Passion Is

Passion is a knowing. Most people confuse passion with excitement. Passion can be found in water drops. To find our true passion, we need to be fully present. We need to let go of all concepts of good or bad, right or wrong, common sense, need of approval, conformity, … basically, you have to gather courage to let go of everything you have learned. As easy is to say… it is actually one of the most difficult things to do, as we need to let go of what we believe is our identity. It is one of the most scary things we must face, as it connect us to our childhood fear of being abandoned by our family, although in this case family is “the status quo”. Only those who dare to break the mold will find what their true passion is.

How to Let our Passion Speak

Understanding now that we have been completely ignored as individuals since we were born, specially by the education system, we need to forgive ourselves for not knowing who we really are. We need to start loving our inner self. We need to get to know ourselves. Realize that many of us will feel our Being as an infinite void … as a nothingness that has no limit, where it is easy to get lost. It can be distressing. However, this emptiness is only a dissociation with ourselves, it is not that we are a vacuum … we are an immense universe.

Exercise: I discovered that, when I close my eyes and point my sight between my eyebrows (some call it the Third Eye), and instead of projecting forward, I look inward, I become fully present, with a feeling of being whole, powerful, serene and connected to Source.

Imagine that you are a vast ocean. So rich you are! When you get to know yourself, you cannot even recognize you, so you get scared. Don’t push away your fear. Just plunge your feet on your inner ocean and enter little by little.

Passion is a Creative Energy

Passion doesn’t need direction because passion is direction itself. Therefore, to feel our passion needs our receptivity… paradoxically. The energy that is used for moving towards a goal is masculine energy (or Yang). It pushes forward. The energy used for expressing our passion is feminine energy ( or Yin). It becomes a powerful state that instead of acting out, creates from the inside to the outside, blossoming like a flower.

The I Ching shows very clearly in hexagram 1 and 2 the energies of Yin and Yang.

In hexagram 1 we see six straight lines, the force of the Creative. Expanding. Yang.

In hexagram 2 we see the lines opening a path in the middle, the force of the Receptive. Allowing. Yin.

When both energies as balanced, we receive feedback of our actions. This is how consciousness is born.

Our society is unbalanced. Only Yang energy is encouraged. We are taught to have goals, to look to the future, but … we do not allow ourselves to be guided by the internal feedback that our experiences provide us. We act according to beliefs. Many of us were taught that something is “like this” or “like that” and we make decisions from there.

So… how are we going to feel our passion if we must mimic our society’s codes ?

Face your Fears

As a defender of animal rights, I forced myself to look at the images of covert investigations to see the reality that humanity creates for non-human animals. A large part of me did not want to see them because the images were unbearable. But I did it. I traversed my fear by witnessing their reality and in this way I could expose reality to others. Fear was transformed into conviction. The Yang energy (resistance) was transformed by the Yin energy (feeling) that finally began to act as Yin-Yang energy, and I became a recipient of creative energy, or life force. This life force manifests itself from our singularity as an individual being.

Passion is the same energy as faith. We need to face all our fears to bring out our passion. It may take some time. We need to treat ourselves as we would treat our own baby. Do not worry about discovering your passion … most of the objectives we have are not even ours, but taught by society en masse. Work on loving yourself with the tools that I just gave you. Your passion will speak for itself. You will be YOU.

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