The difference we have with other animals is our ability to choose. We are the only species that is capable of using the vital impulse of reproduction (sexual energy) in creative works. The rest of the animals (and many human too), lose consciousness during the time of heat: the sexual instinct forces them to want to reproduce.

The males of the animal kingdom can not make decisions when they smell the zeal of a female. The sexual repression perpetrated by religions has created a dissociation with the human creative force that separated us from our animality. The demonization of the sensual woman as a “sorceress” is mainly due to the ignorance of what the sexual instinct is. If we look at male dogs when a female dog goes into heat, we would never say that the female is trying to seduce them. The female does not voluntarily enter into heat, the zeal awakens spontaneously in cycles. Male dogs also do not look for females in heat. The zeal of the female awakens a blind desire to copulate. Once the zeal of the female disappears, the male dog can play with the female as if they were puppies again. In some way they are slaves of the sexual energy that seeks the reproduction of the species without caring about the free will of its members.

Possibly, the religions were conceived to “de-animalize” the human being and create an artificial free will, based on beliefs and prohibitions. As a result, the dissociation with the physical body was created, which paradoxically has allowed us to create societies that have advanced technologically thanks to the need to manifest their supremacy over others in a creative way – even if they are only motivated by the survival instinct. Technological development rocketed because of wars.

Our challenge is to integrate again that unknown part: our animality. Taking into account the thousands of years of experience we have as a species, we are ready to move to our adulthood. We no longer need a protective or severe God because of our “sins”. The new God that humans are creating is a God who has created us to know itself.

We still do not know all the capabilities of the human being. We have only developed those that have helped us survive to keep our species alive, even the arts as they that were mainly promoted to keep the masses happy and avoid revolts. Nowadays, new technologies can create an environment where the need for shelter and food can be supplied without effort. This will give us free time to explore our humanity and discover new capacities that have been dormant for millennia. It is possible that we learn to communicate with other living beings, and it is also possible that we are ready to meet beings from other civilizations.

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