Major Arcana – Death (XIII)

Keywords: the end of a situation; transformation process; change of consciousness; get rid of what is no longer needed; change of state, leaving a habit. In Tarot, Major Arcana...

4 Things You Did Not Know About The Tarot

The Tarot cards represent the imaginary of collective archetypes that are present in human consciousness. And when we read them for ourselves or for others, we can access universal wisdom.

What Is Tarot – Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

A brief explanation of the archetypal forces and energies that shape our human experience.

Numerology of the Tarot – The Fives

The Fives During the Fours, we have been creating structure. The Fours job is to create a form. Once the form is recognisable, the Fives come to discover that we are not alone, that the...

Tarot Symbols: Difference between Major Arcana and Minor Arcana

The Tarot is a series of 78 images that represent all the aspects of human existence.  When we look at these images, we turn on our unconscious: the place where all the answers are...