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The Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio in the Signs and Houses

Discover The Energies That Are Activated During The Full Moon In Scorpio

All Mercury Retrograde of 2023

How Mercury Retrogrades Will Affect Us This Year

Astrology for April 20th to May 5th

Between Two Eclipses

The Dark Side of the Zodiac – From Aries to Pisces

Do you dare to discover your shadow?

A Shamanic View on the 10th House – Signs and Planets

A shamanic look at the axis of the 10-4 houses, signs and planets.

CURIOSITY: Ancient Civilizations and the position of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

Approximate positions by sign of the slow planets.

Saturn in Pisces Transit – Revealing Hidden Truths

The Materialization of Our Spiritual Reality.