When we change our diet and eliminate animal products altogether, we begin to feel a great amount of anger and despair growing in us.

There is a reason for this. Even when most people do not think about it, our emotions are stored in our body.  Many PhDs are now starting to say that our body is our subconscious mind. As we are sentient beings, emotions are stored in different parts of our bodies. The same goes for animals. With animal agriculture, we have conceptualized animals as if they were objects, whereas, in fact, we know that they are not. The process of producing animals for food contains many traumatic experiences for animals. Even when most people do not even realize it, animals feel the same emotions as humans. For example, the animals that are bred to be eaten have in their bodies fear, confusion, desire to escape, etc. and we can see this clearly in the undercover videos made by animal rights investigators.

Knowing that animal products contain emotions, those of us who were not born vegans have consumed those emotions for many years through the intake of meat, dairy and other similar products. When we remove all products of animal origin from our diet, we also eliminate the intake of all the emotions stored in the flesh of the animals we have eaten, including an enormous amount of stress, fear, terror and impotence.

After eliminating all products of animal origin from our diet, our level of violence decreases. However, we may have the impression that in others it increases. Actually, the level of general violence remains the same. It is not the outside that changed, it is us. We are lighter. We begin to become aware of the level of abuse that all human beings inflict on each other on a daily basis and that we live as a “cultural” heritage. And as conflicts arise, we get angry at those who still do what we did. We need to realize that if we feel anger towards them, we are angry with our past self. The shock caused by seeing indifference must be understood as a natural consequence of awakening to a new reality.

And we changed. But… how to live in a society that does not change as fast as we do?

First, we need to learn to deal with anger. Every time you feel anger, allow its expression entirely … alone. You have to understand that, as your level of cognitive dissonance is decreasing, your perception is settling more and more into reality. If you remember your life before becoming aware of how our food is made, you will remember that having a beer with your friends under the summer sun was all to be happy. It is not that there is denial of reality. There is awareness of the reality that is lived. Expanding our world and encompassing more than our inner circle is a process of growth. You do not get it from one day to the next. Be confident that every time you let others know about the situation of the most vulnerable, you are planting seeds. Please watch this video and you will learn a lot about anger and how to cope with it.

Second, practice those feelings that have been dormant for so many years. Dare to look at other realities. Do not forget your own numbness. Do you mind if your neighbour has enough food? Or the fear of change that many people feel? How can we convince someone we make invisible, to make animals visible?

We have lived in a society numbed for hundreds of years, if not thousands. We are just now reaching a point where we are emerging from the mere state of survival to live with certain comforts. In a few years, artificial intelligence will do most of the tasks that still need to be done by humans and our free time will be much greater. We will have much more time to look at ourselves and direct our evolution as we please. We no longer live as in the 1900. We have holidays, women’s rights, African-Americans rights, LGTB rights, and now, the movement for animal rights. It is a logical evolution that can be predicted if we look at the history of humanity. It is our generation that is experiencing a revolution of consciousness that goes beyond our own species. These are very important times. Give yourself time to feel all your emotions … because it is our job to understand the emotions that have been repressed by a society without emotional awareness. We are growing up.

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