About Paula

With more than 30 years of study in Astrology and other esoteric systems, such as the Tarot, the I Ching and other spiritual practices. Everything that lives on Earth contains her music, which is part of a cosmic symphony. As children of our parents, of the Earth and of our solar system, we are essentially composed of the ancestral information that travels through our DNA; by the energy in which the Earth vibrated at the moment of our birth; by the nature of the Sun, our star; by the Universe and by the spirit of our Soul.

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Astrological Readings

The birth chart shows a snapshot of heaven as seen from Earth as it appeared on the day, place and time of our birth. By observing the different positions and aspects of planetary energies and other astrological symbols, we discover our energetic geometry. Aligning ourselves with our essence activates the latent potentials that exist within each one of us, opening up endless possibilities.

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Reiki is a tool that promotes self-healing and harmonization of our energy field through the use of Chi energy or life force. The practitioner acts as a channel for this energy, allowing it to be synchronized with the client.

I do remote Reiki sessions working on your birth chart, allowing me to tune into the energy of your essential self. You can request a Reiki session or combine it with an astrological reading.